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Community Computer Alliance (CCA) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that empowers individuals, improves our communities, and aids in conserving our world – one computer at a time.

CCA provides individual workforce development training with partner organizations, including Embracing Autism and Food for Good Thought.

CCA’s job skills training program is directly fueled by our licensed and bonded electronic recycling services, providing the highest asset management standards to our generous corporate and individual donors.

CCA regularly donates refurbished electronics to nonprofit organizations in our communities to, in turn, help fulfill their missions.


Community Computer Alliance is a full circle non-profit organization that gives back to the community that donates to us. Through your donations of items, we will test to see if they work. Once we determined that status the items could follow different routes:

refurbishable items enters into our outreach program
non-refurbishable items enters into our electronic waste recycle program

Our Job Readiness Program helps those in the community that have differing abilities obtain some skill sets that foster confidence, great attitude and abilities to work with others. Program participants learn how to refurbish a computer from ground up which includes:

Vocational training

soft skills training