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CDO needs a new land

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Dear Friend,

We hereby would like to make a plea to all our friends to help us keep CDO going. CDO is about to lose the land it currently occupies and is in urgent need to raise funds to buy a land. For donation details, please see below.

CDO is currently in a crossroad. With booming real estate market in Siem Reap the owner of the land CDO is on has placed the land for sale for 850,000 USD. Potential buyers have emerged over the past weeks and given unwillingness to set a price we could dream of affording, we have been forced to look for a new land.

Being the second time this type of situation occurs over the past two years and due to the disrespect of the contract by the land owner, we seek to buy a land to CDO rebuild itself one final time with sound structures and solid foundations not fearing an unpredictable eviction.

After much search in Siem Reap to find a suitable land near schooling facilities, close to main road accesses and meeting all government requirements, we were able to find a land that, despite having an poor-maintained access dirt road that may pose challenges for smaller children, it is big enough to shelter all children with good living conditions at a cost of 92,000 USD. In order to keep the institution accessible to all children we would further need 8,000 USDto pave the dirt road. All information on the land can be found on the following pdf file “New Land for CDO“.

CDO is running out of time. When the land is sold we will have only 3 months to leave the land. Right now, there is no other place to go, no place to shelter the children in Siem Reap and no place to continue the 4-year work we have been developing together.
Please help us raise funds towards the purchase of this land and spread the word to all those who may feel passionate about CDO to contribute. Help us continue to create the future opportunities for all our children!
Thank you for your support and generosity.

Warmest regards,



There are 4 very simple and quick ways to help:

1 – paypal.com, click on “send money” and write – donate@orienting.org

2 – Bank Transfer

Beneficiary Customer: ASSOCIAÇÃO ORIENTING
Account Number: 0046 0032 00600207859 37
IBAN: PT50 0046 0032 0060 0207 8593 7

3 - Buy a poster = SAVE a child







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Leonor is working on selecting a charity so you can support CDO needs a new land.