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Cedar Creek relocation fund

Organized by: Lori Cervantes

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THE SHORT STORY -Family of 5 have lived in rental house for 11 years. Landlords needed to sell the house to pay for a surgery he needed. (moved here when our house burnt down.) -We live on a very small disability income plus a small amount earned working a very part time minimum wage job. (live in a VERY RURAL area, very few jobs) We literally live paycheck to paycheck. There is never any money left at the end of the month. -Must move by May 1st -Have a single wide mobile given to us, but have to move it and set it up on my property which has no power, so we have to set up an off grid power system too. -Wanted to buy this rental house but discovered too late that no credit is worse than bad credit. (Now working on establishing credit) -We have no money to buy anything and we need to buy/do all of the following things which all takes money. Excavation work so mobile home can be moved onto property Move mobile home (approx 10 miles) Register mobile home and get permit to move it. Have propane set up on property Need propane stove/oven, dryer, refrigerator, on-demand hot water heater and 2 propane heaters Need pressure tank for water system Need large holding tank for water system Supplies to plumb all propane and water lines Need a couple solar panels Need 3000 watt inverter Need supplies to build a snow roof over mobile Need supplies to build another bedroom on mobile (5 of us in a 2 bedroom!) These are just the things that I can think of off the top of my head, I am sure the list will end up being much longer, and we just simply do not have any money to do any of these things. We are in a very difficult situation. This was the short list. If you would like to know more of the details, I have written a more complete version below. We are a hard working, Christian family. I am the mother, a 57yo disabled RN, my eldest son, his wife and their 1 yo baby, and my youngest son who is going in the Marines in May. Any help offered will be gratefully appreciated and when possible in the future, paid forward. Thank you. THE LONG STORY We find ourselves in a desperate situation. I am a 57 yo single mother of 3 sons. I am a disabled Critical Care RN. We moved to Ione in 1999 shortly after my health mandated a slower, less stressful lifestyle. We bought a beautiful house on 20 acres in Ione in 1999, and although it was an off-grid home, we did quite well. I was able to nurse my health back with good living habits and less stressful environment. I thought I was cured, so in 2001 I moved my family back to Bellingham and went back to work. During that time, my house sat vacant, and I had the neighbors watching it for me. Well, it didnt take much time working, for my health issues to resurface, and it was obvious that I was unable to continue work as an RN. So, since it was winter, and I had been told by my neighbors that the snow had knocked the chimney off our house, I asked a friend if he could fix it for us. Sadly, I trusted this neighbors work and did not even think about checking to see if he did it correctly. The fireplace worked fine, and we moved back to our house in Ione in March 2002.(this property is 2 miles from the nearest power lines, so it is all off-grid. ) Well, on Feb 3, 2003 the house burnt to the ground. When the neighbor fixed the chimney, he did not put in an insulated transition piece that goes through the ceiling to the roof. He only put a straight uninsulated pipe in, and that caused the chimney fire that burnt the house down. We lost everything we owned, including 2 dogs, in the fire. It was a very devestating time for my sons and I. We eventually tried to start building a new house, but with no financing, and as a single woman, I soon decided that was beyond my abilities to accomplish, and we rented a house in town in Feb 2005. We have lived in the same house ever since, for 11 years now. Now another trial for our family has started. In August of 2015 my landlords informed me they were going to sell the house because they need the money for a surgery. I really was interested in buying the house, so I went to talk to the people who do the rural housing loans and was informed that I did not have enough credit history to get a loan. The house that burned down, my mother got the loan for my brother and I. I made all the payments until I moved to town, then my brother took over the payments. It is completely paid for and is in my name and my brothers name. My brother put a mobile home on the property and he still lives there. Unfortunately for me, none of that can be used to establish my credit. All this time I was thinking that I would be able to get a loan to buy a place because I have NO bad credit. Sadly, as you probably all know, no credit is worse than bad credit when it comes to getting a loan. So here we are in March 2016. The house has been sold, and the new owner has generously given us till May 1st to move. Because this is an extremely rural area, there are absolutely no rentals that would work for our family. We have been given an old single wide mobile home that we need to get moved and set up on our property. Our major problem is this all takes money......lots of it, and we have none. There are 5 of us living together, myself, my eldest son, his wife and my 1 year old grandaughter, and my youngest son. I am on disability, but I am able to work a very part time minimum wage job. My eldest son is looking for full time employment, but because of the area, jobs are few and far between .In the meantime, he is working at a minimum wage part time job. My youngest son lives at home but has enlisted in the Marine Corps and will be leaving the end of May for basic training, in the meantime he is not employed. Even though we were given the mobile home, there are so many costs that go to getting it livable. First we need a little excavation work, transferring the title and trip permit to move it, on top to the cost to move it. Plus we are going to be living off grid. We have much of the equipment we need to produce our power, but there are still a million small components that all cost....and it adds up. We need a propane cook stove and oven, propane refrigerator, an on demand propane water heater, and a propane dryer, not to mention all the propane plumbing ect ect ect. The list of things we need just goes on and on, and it goes way on past my budget! We really need help. Anything would be greatly appreciated. If we had had more warning, we could have been saving towards all the costs, but as it was, we had very little advanced warning and now we are in a very difficult situation.


Organized by

Lori Cervantes

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