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EVENT DATE: Oct 11, 2014

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By Angie L. Martin

I was shocked and devastated to be diagnosed with breast cancer in March, 2009. In my entire life, there was never cancer in my family. Our family has a history of high blood pressure, which eventually resulted in strokes. All my life, under the astrology sign, as a Cancer, I always had a fear of the possibility that I might contract the dreaded disease.

On my Christian journey, submitting my life to Christ more and more; consciously seeking Him, I realized everything I had been through; every struggle God has taken-and brought me through, had made me stronger. At that critical point in my life, I 'instinctively turned to Him, in deep meditation and shared my heart, my fears and my prayer, that if He's ready to bring me to my Heavenly Home, then His will be done! Of course, I also shared with Him that, selfishly, I'd like to stay here, if His will was to extend my life. If not, I would consider-it an honor and know that my mission in His Life Plan for me, has been 'completed. At this time of my life, I was so tired and the thought of-being blessed with Everlasting Life, with Him, was very inviting.

The peace I felt was so comforting and, amazing! Yes, I was very concerned, but not worried! In this new reality, I knew my body had been invaded and I had to learn what I had to do to destroy this destructive invader! (You can tell, I enjoy science fiction.) Later, on the very first day of my chemo treatments, I was given excellent nutritional orientation, during the entire 2-1/2 hours. That orientation provided the ammunition I needed to wage my war on the cancer cells and I also attended the nutritional classes provided. I've always been a warrior-minded person. If I'm threatened with anything, I make my stand and will go down swinging, with all the strength God empowers me to muster. I'm so happy to honestly be able to say that I never felt the-need to ask Him… why me?

As I began my treatment on July 10, 2009, meditating with God, I remember thinking ... Okay Lord, let's do this! I embraced the Chemo, because I knew it had to be perceived as a friend; -a friend bad' enough to attack and destroy the enemy within my body. So, I embraced it, mentally giving it permission to enter. Attitude is Key! Throughout the entire journey, I walked and talked with Him; thanking Him, all day, every day. When I got tired of being tired, I'd say, please God, just a little bit further, etc.  I know it was God who positioned His angels to encourage me, sometimes total strangers would single me out and lift me and love me! Also the confirmation I received during my illness was truly confirmation that God orchestrates and positioned people in our lives to love us, for Him. My husband has always been a good and loving husband, as well as a wonderful friend. He took such good care of me, when I couldn't help myself. It's at a time when you're down and vertically out, that you find out just what you have in your friends and family. I'm blessed to only have had a few disappointments, but praise God, my dear friends, of 40+ years - - Joyce Crockett, Geraldine Scaife, Marie McDowell, Beverly Williams and my daughter, Ranetta Walker, my personal angels, came closer to endear me. They made sure I didn't need for anything, through it all and they remained nurturing for two (2) years afterwards, as they witnessed my recovery of strength and stamina!

Please we need your help, by making a donation you can help save someone life.  Thank you.



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