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Vision Statement: Honoring and Celebrating the lives of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things and Empowering Communities! Mission Statement: Celebration Of Life Annual, Inc. (COLA) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We present the COLA Awards annually to honor and celebrate the lives of men, women and youth who make the lives of others much better by lending a helping hand. They have made the ultimate sacrifice and we celebrate them. The COLA Honorees demonstrate excellence in at least one of eight categories: Leadership in the Community, Outstanding Achievements, Academic Expansions, Acts of Kindness, Heroic Acts, Amazing Faith, Starting Over and Entrepreneurial Spirit. Our honorees inspire all of us to do more, to reach higher and become more compassionate in helping others and transforming our own lives. COLA is proud of our Honorees direct involvement in our communities and our society. COLA's primary community project is A Place Called Home (APCH). APCH is a real-home where women undergoing cancer treatments can live for FREE in comfort and receive financial and emotional support with unconditional love! COLA will create and offer an array of feel good products, books and CD’s to forward positive thinking and uplifting news, the “Good News”. COLA is a vision, whose time has come, we urge you to join us. Support COLA, its about time...its about US! Tax ID 20-4873611


It’s been 2 years since my divine healing of breast cancer. I am so thankful to God and so many others to have been blessed with more time to share my life doing what I love, with those I love and for the many women I represent and respect.


On September 15, 2012 a dream became a reality. Styletainment The Show was a dream I had since the age of nine. After facing the uncertainties of my life here on earth, I ask myself the question, if I had all the money in the world what would I be doing, how would I live and share the rest of my time here?

Through my experience I realized the urgent need to support homeless women and women in need going through this indescribable sickness.

After prayer and meditation it just made since when I realized I could use my talents to not only fulfill on a life-long dream but to create a platform to support the mission ongoingly of “A Place Called Home” (APCH) a real-home for our, mothers, sisters, aunties, cousin and friends in need to live for FREE, while going through cancer treatments. Our goal is to open APCH by 2014- 2015.


On Sunday, May 5, at the Ritz Theatre, Elizabeth NJ, Rahway Dance Theatre (RDT) is presenting Styletainment The Show to give us a platform to reach more people, and we need your support. This is a fundraiser for APCH and an opportunity to gain exposure.

The VIP tickets are $50.00, General seating $30.00 and Children under 12 is $15.00. The Venue seats 2700 people and we want to help RDT sell out. We’re hoping you can attend the show to see it firsthand and we’re also hoping you can assist in selling tickets to your family and friends. You can purchase tickets and more online:

Another way you can support this vision is our goal is to raise $50,000.00 by the end of 2013. We are asking 200 people to donated $250.00 to assist us in reaching our goal. You can make a onetime payment or installments. The funds will be allocated to supporting APCH’s mission and the vision to expand STS.

For your donation your name will be mentioned in the Playbill for the May 5th show as well as on the back of 50,000 promotional flyers for STS, which will be distributed at the Mc Donald’s Gospelfest, May 11th Mother’s Day weekend, Prudential Center, Newark, 20,000 and Faith Fellow Ministries Comedy Fashion Show, May 17th and 18th, 15,000 as well as on a plaque that will hang in APCH. See attachments for details.

APCH is truly a much needed service. Just think how wonderful you will feel to know you’ve impacted this community of women helping to save their lives which ultimately gives them the opportunity to help save others.