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Preserving Our Heritage, Growing a Brighter Future Tax ID 59-3613663


We hope to achieve our goal, to “Grow a Brighter Future” by helping to raise healthy and happy children in our preschool and summer camp programs, educating the public on how to grow their own food and providing a garden space for them to practice those skills, and utilizing sustainable practices to nurture the plants and animals that share our lives. Through these practices, we nourish bodies, minds, and environment.

The new farm has multiple gardens that are growing and changing with the needs of the farm and the people that we help. This includes a sensory garden with plants to touch, taste, and smell; a community garden where volunteers and families in need work together to bring healthy food to the families’ tables; a whimsical garden, populated with over-sized flowers made from teacups and saucers and friendly garden toads and gnomes, where the children scatter seeds.

The farm also has lots of animals, of course. Caring for animals has many well-known therapeutic benefits, and we do what we can to provide the opportunity to reap those benefits to people of all ages and abilities. If some of those are unable to come to the farm, we even bring the animals out for a visit. The children in our care enjoy these benefits more than most, as they help care for the animals and enjoy the companionship on a daily basis.

With all of this beauty and all of the teaching and learning opportunities the farm provides, we feel blessed to be able to provide access to our resource library and monthly classes for members to learn valuable skills and healthy living habits.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated and necessary to the growth and maintenance of the farm. Rescued animals need feed, their housing needs constant upkeep in the form of fresh hay and repairs, the gardens need various things based on the season including seeds and tools, not to mention all of the new building and expansion projects we have planned for the future. You can help us grow our dream of a brighter future.