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Center For Appellate Litigation

Center For Appellate Litigation
CROWDRISE : Oct 13, 2017
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Books Beyond Bars

Center for Appellate Litigation

Books Beyond Bars was founded in November 2016 to benefit the clients of the Center for Appellate Litigation. Many CAL clients are serving lengthy prison sentences and have no access to quality reading materials. Through BBB, we work to provide reading materials that we hope will help mitigate, at least in some small measure, the isolation and dehumanization of the prison system, and encourage self-empowerment and personal growth—or at least a brief escape from the trying realities of incarceration.  So far, we have been able to send books and magazines to hundreds of clients, and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive: 

“There’s times that I don’t want to stop reading and I have to force myself to stop.”

"Thank you for this good book that you sent me. I received it today and will finish it today. Thank you for the time you took to send me this book because nobody to does that for me."

“I’m so grateful and so far it’s a good book—if you have more I will appreciate it so much!!”

“I appreciate you sending me the four books, thank you so very much! It’s funny how I got the books on my birthday.”

“Oh my God! 'Writing my Wrongs' was so powerful.”

“I see you were able to acquire 'Just Mercy' by Mr. Bryan Stevenson. This book… really helps me make light of my situation and put the nation’s mass incarceration problem in perspective.”

We need your help!  Books Beyond Bars is entirely funded by donations from staff and friends of CAL.   However, due to funding constraints, we are often unable to timely fulfill our clients’ specific requests. 

With your generosity, we'll be able to get our clients the reading materials they request and handle the heavy costs of packaging and shipping those materials across the State. You'll be contributing directly to the enrichment and enjoyment of individuals with little  Through donating, you will directly contribute to the education and well-being of our clients.  Many have previously expressed their gratitude in letters to advocates at CAL:

Please help us continue this important project!

About CAL

The Center for Appellate Litigation (CAL), is a non-profit public defense law firm that represents those convicted in Manhattan and the Bronx in their criminal court appeals and other post-conviction proceedings. Our clients are some of society's most disenfranchised: individuals ensnared in the criminal justice system that has taken away their freedom. We are committed to equal justice for all, believing that everyone deserves respect and dignity regardless of their ability to afford an attorney and regardless of the nature of their conviction.



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