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CROWDRISE : Jun 29, 2010
Tax ID: 20-1694826
BASED: Winter Park, FL, United States


Your World in Motion

Support Diversity & Inclusion in the Arts

For the past 16 years, the Center for Contemporary Dance has been fulfilling its mission to produce the next generation of concert dancers, and honoring its commitment to diversity and inclusion in dance. 


We believe that dance is a primal human right, and must be made accessible to all.  We believe that dance is a source of joy, well-being and self-expression, to which all human beings are entitled.


We are committed to providing the community with a safe and welcoming environment to indulge in outstanding educational and artistic experiences in dance.  We are especially committed to young people, who are particularly vulnerable to the lifelong impact of our work.  It is our deepest commitment to ensure that our students, families, staff and artists are inspired and uplifted, made more confident and whole, because of our work with them.  This is the key indicator of our success.


We know that diversity and inclusion are not achieved through ‘add on’ programs and well-intended words. It’s not an easy task, and we take it very seriously, with endless research, study and thoughtful work at every level, from acclimating the newest student to further educating the most experienced leader. From day one, diversity and inclusion have been and remain part of our corporate DNA.


We develop, innovate and implement policy, curricula and programs, and appoint staff and leadership that, without exception, embrace and uphold the above.  While we respect our limitations, and know that we cannot sensibly be all things to all people, we can and will make every effort to insure that excellent instruction, experiences and programs are available to all.  As innovators of dance and dance education, our faculty, artists and leaders eagerly welcome the challenge of developing new approaches to education and art-making that prioritize inclusion above all else. 


We produce artists of all abilities, from the recreational dancer to the professional performer, all of whom hold one thing in common:  they know the Center for Contemporary Dance played an incomparable role in making them a successful human being who is individually capable of creating a higher-functioning version of the world.   By sending fair-minded creators into the world, we contribute to the antidote for hate, ignorance and inequality.  And we give our dance community, especially our youngest members, tangible examples and working models to actualize their most significant role as a creative and courageous changemaker.


Learn more about our impact, governance, finances and more by visiting our nonprofit portrait at the Central Florida Foundation.

Tax ID: 20-1694826 •


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