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CROWDRISE : Nov 04, 2013
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BASED: Brooklyn, NY, United States


Human Justice

"People are the real wealth of a nation." (UN Human Development Report)

Our Vision Statement: To create a new justice and public safety paradigm evolving from the current criminal “justice” model to one of Human Justice, where Human Justice is defined as a merger between Human Rights and Human Development.


The mission of the Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions is to influence socio-economic, criminal and juvenile justice policy by providing research, advocacy and leadership training to formerly and currently incarcerated people, their families, communities, allies and criminal justice professionals for the purpose of:


(1) increasing public health and safety by creating viable alternatives that challenge and change over reliance on incarceration-punishment policies and practices as a solution to socio-economic urban and rural problems;


(2) reshaping the media portrayal and public opinion of people with criminal records by humanizing their popular image and offering language alternatives to counter current negative stereotypes, beliefs, misinformation and myths; and


(3) promoting active participation in criminal and social justice policy decisions, discussions and deliberations by the people whose lives are most directly affected and who have a legitimate stake in the outcomes.




"The sound of the phone broke the dead silence of the night. Eddie Ellis’s raspy voice would fill the airwaves with an excitement that could only be described as ecstatic. All I wanted to know if whatever it was, could it wait until the morning. It was 3am.


“Absolutely not”, Eddie said. "What would you think about organizing formerly incarcerated professionals all over the nation?" That would be great, but do you know what that would take. “No, he said”, at least not yet. "That’s why I’m calling you."


That late night conversation, followed by a generous grant from the then Open Society Institute, would result in the establishment of the Center for Nuleadership on Urban Solutions in Brooklyn New York, the nation’s first and only criminal justice research, public policy, advocacy and training organization established by formerly incarcerated professionals representing every discipline from law to medicine. An idea whose time has come! Breaking new ground and blazing a new trail and creating imaginative and innovative solutions to some of urban America’s most difficult and challenging problems."     

-- Dr. Divine Pryor


The Center was born out of Eddie's unrelenting vision and determination to develop leadership and policy expertise in the next generation of activist scholars and Human Justice ambassadors, specifically among formerly incarcerated people.


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Tax ID: 45-4968344 •


Giving Tuesday - Nov. 29th

Giving Tuesday - Nov. 29th

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The Eddie Ellis Academy for Human Justice

The Eddie Ellis Academy for …

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