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Central Minnesota Circle Of Health

Improving access to quality, kinder dementia care and treatment in our Central Minnesota Community by developing a Central Minnesota Dementia Resource Center

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We need a Central Minnesota Dementia Resource Center!

Our Central Minnesota medical community includes over 150,000 residents.  Many more of our population will be in the over age 65 group than ever before.  At the same time, we now have fewer neurology specialists.  We need to assist primary care physicians and other providers to do full-spectrum dementia diagnosis and management in their offices.  To facilitate this, we are planning to develop a Central Minnesota Dementia Resource Center (DRC) that will help both primary care and specialty providers do more high-quality dementia care in their offices.  Our Campaign will educate primary care physicians and other providers on a New Model of high-quality, compassionate dementia care.  The DRC will facilitate this care by offloading much of the situational and social issues assessments for patients living with dementia while providing support for their care partners and families.  This will be a place on its own easily identifiable by community members that will be known as a reliable hub for non-clinical dementia evaluations and for timely referrals to needed dementia resources for guidance and support.  We are now ready to run a trial pilot DRC over the next year for proof of concept and will use funds raised initially for this pilot program.