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CENTRAL FLORIDA ANIMAL RESERVE (CFAR) is a big cat & wildlife sanctuary focused on effective stewardship and meaningful relationships with our animal residents and educating the public at large. Tax ID 59-3418943


Since 2007, Central Florida Animal Reserve (CFAR) has been caring for lions, tigers, leopards, and cougars at its facility located in Brevard County.  We are a no-breed, no-kill final home for big cats that would otherwise not have a home.  CFAR engages the world of the big cats through our mottos of Compassion, Conservation, and Commitment.  When it comes to big cats, it is about vision--a vision that sees them happy and content to the best of our ability to provide for them.

CFAR serves a vital function as a social safety net for big cats--because there are few places in the country with the skills and talents necessary to care for these magnificent beings and an overwhelming need to make sure that we preserve them for future generations.