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Committed to rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of homeless German Shepherd Dogs Tax ID 45-4248320


Every dog brought into the program is provided a blank slate.  While we appreciate the background information, some misunderstanding or mishandling led to the inability for the dog to stay in its home.  All dogs are given a complete worming and full tip to tail veterinary exam.  This includes blood work, xrays if needed, dental work if needed, and all dogs are spayed and neutered.  Any additional health concerns discovered are treated appropriately. No dog's behavior is ever accounted for until the dog is deemed completely healthy by our veterinarian. 

All dogs are housed in a proper environment for German Shepherds, including a warm/cool, dry safe place to rest and outdoor time and attention.  German Shepherds do not do well in chain link and concrete and will act fearful, aggressive, or withdrawn after a very short time in a kennel type environment.  They require interaction, play, exercise, mental stimulation and routine.  All of the dogs are crate trained.

The dogs are fed nutrient rich premium canine diets to nourish and rehabilitate those that we receive into rescue. A starving dog cannot be evaluated for behavior until they are stable and comfortable in knowing that their next meal will arrive twice a day everyday.

Once a dog is cleared of all health issues, it is continued on its daily routine and introduced to varying stimuli and environments and behavior tested.  The dogs are around children, a cat, small mammals, birds.  If needed, we evaluate the dogs around horses also. 

All potential owners will be responsible to declare their commitment to the dog and breed before adoption will be permitted.  Proper housing, food, grooming, training, and general care will be required of any potential future owner.  If a match isn't working out and a dog needs to be rehomed, it is to return to the rescue so that we may find another happy and healthy home for our "kids".  Central Illinois German Shepherd Dog Rescue hopes that we may continue to be a community service to those that need to find a home and for those who have a home searching for a new best friend.