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The project started in October 2009. Mrs Andrea Bossoni wishes to give a concrete help in a country where political, economic and social problems are very serious.

Unemployment, poverty, weak economic growth and corruption in the country make the social differences and conflicts among people even deeper.

One of the problems that the structure aims specifically to solve is the temporary or continuous supply of the hospitality to children without parents, orphans or with stories of disfunctional families behind. In Macedonia, the exploitation of child labor is symptomatic of a weak social policy that penalizes the education sector in which the funds should at least double if people really want to deal with this pervasive problem.

A second point of strength is represented by the medical care on-site.
Free check-ups, specialized medical counseling and the supply of a part of medicines free of charge will enable people to be able to heal without the anxiety that treatment would be conditioned by payment.

Third important point is providing a counseling service for jobs searching for citizens who require it.

These three specific macro-areas represent - with a fourth one focusing on Education and the teaching to young people and children the history and civic consciousness - the basic activities on which the facility will aspire to in the first year of its existence.

By now we have an unofficial intent of collaboration with some NGOs in Sarajevo, Italy, Switzerland and Macedonia.

Starting a so challenging project means relying on people, institutions, social and religious groups and recognized organizations as well as investors.

Funds are needed. Donations are appreciated. Creating strong partnerships is the first step to build up a different future in Macedonia starting from a present in which changes are not only possible, but necessary.

Thanks to the network that Mrs Andrea Bossoni is creating, this project could become wider, more complex and well-structured.


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Andrea Bossoni

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Nevenka Zdraveva s.

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