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Centro Romero

Centro Romero
CROWDRISE : Jul 20, 2012
Tax ID: 36-3517408
BASED: Chicago, IL, United States


Our Mission

"No Human Being is Illegal"


Our mission is to provide opportunities for those community residents with the fewest options. Through education, Centro Romero emphasizes the development of the whole family unit, the creation of community leadership and self-reliance.


Centro Romero is a community-based organization that serves the refugee immigrant population on the northeast side of Chicago. Our interrelated programs include Youth Learning and Leadership Development, Women's Empowerment Projects, Adult Education, HIV/AIDS Outreach and Education and Legal Services. These are essential services that support healthy personal and social development of participants. Our long-term organizational goal is to bridge a disenfranchised community of Latino immigrants and refugees into mainstream American society as well as improving their opportunity for upward social mobility. Long-term sustainable growth of our target population will only be achieved through education, and leadership development; therefore we focus our energy in related initiatives.


If you want to help to strengthen the efforts to improve the conditions of our Latino population, you may do so by volunteering or by supporting our cause. For other types of donations please contact us by phone at (773) 508-5300.


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Tax ID: 36-3517408 •


Centro Romero

Centro Romero

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