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Challenge Barcelona

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ORGANIZER: MaccaX Challenge 2013

EVENT DATE: May 19, 2013

Volker Ewen


MaccaX Challenge 2013 wrote -

Welcome to our MaccaX Community fundraising site for the Challenge Barcelona race. Individual MaccaX members or a MaccaX Team create a personal fundraising page here and to raise funds for The MaccaNow Foundation through their training, racing and overall athletic endeavors.   

Win amazing prizes when you're a MaccaX member who fundraises for MaccaNow... 

- Raise at least $3,000, get invited to have dinner with Macca two days prior to the race;

- Raise at least $5,000, get invited to dinner with Macca two days prior to the race and will receive an autographed Macca race kit;

- Raise at least $7,500, get invited to dinner as well as receive an autographed Macca race kit and additional bike products,

- Raise $10,000 or more, get all of the benefits listed above, and in addition Macca will go over the race course with you and give a personal one-on-one personal strategy session on how to attack the course.


Contest Rules: Dinner, Race Kit, Bike Products, Strategy Session


Here's How to Get Started:

1. Click on the CREATE YOUR FUNDRAISER button and follow the quick directions and you'll have your own personal fundraising page

2. Edit your page to make it compelling - add text and some great photos. 

3. Click MANAGE CAMPAIGN and message all your friends and family to donate to the MaccaNow Foundation on your behalf. 

Chris McCormack (“Macca”) set up the MaccaNow Foundation to commemorate his mother who passed away from breast cancer in 1999.  In 2013, Macca’s goal is to raise $50,000 with the help of the MaccaX Community, to provide assistance to families affected by breast cancer in order to lessen the financial burdens and improve their quality of life.   Help support Macca’s goal, support your fellow MaccaX Community members by donating today, spreading the word about the MaccaNow Foundation and our $50,000 goal


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Terry Martin

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Volker Ewen

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MaccaX Challenge 2013

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