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chandan Das' Fundraiser:

Provide a platform for kids to learn and achieve their full potential in economically backward areas

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We established ChandanShamala Library as a tax exempt non profit organization under section 501 c3  in the USA with the aim of providing help to the kids all over the world. Please visit and like our facebook page for regular updates and pictures. 
Over the years we have noticed that many talented kids from the communities were unable to grow up to their full potential due to variety of reasons; for example, lack of learning platforms, guidance, facilities etc. Many talented kids, grew up to be demotivated adults and picked up the wrong habits and died young. Now a days, there is additional fear that more kids will get demotivated and pick up wrong self destroying habits such as alcohol, drugs, arms etc. This is our humble endeavour to provide a basic platform for learning for kids in particular and steer them away from self destructing habits.For a long time, I was thinking what can be done to help the community where we grew up and which offered so much to us but sadly enough, is now in decline mainly due to socio-economic reasons. After observing library and community center activities here in the USA, we came to the conclusion that a library along with some of the community center activities will be the best gift for the community which can help in well-rounded education of the kids in particular and the community in general. Accordingly, we came up with a plan to provide a platform in the form of a free library to the local community/kids to facilitate learning in different fields using different media as described below:
a. Books:
The library has books in 4 languages: Assamese, English, Bangali/Bangla and Hindi. At present, there are about 1000 books - we bought about 700 books and about 300 were donated by teachers, friends and family. Capacity of the library is about 3000 books.
b. Tablets and Computers:There are six kindles, one ipad 4, one laptop and one desktop computers with free WIFI connections.
c. Classes:
    i. Arts and craft:
       Status: Class has started. There are 14 students enrolled in the class. 
       Teacher: Bhaswati Das.
    ii. Music:
        Status: Class has started. 7 students.
       Teacher: Tapashi Das and Ankita Saha.
    iii. Dance:
    Status: Bharatha Natyam Class is available.
    Teacher: Sunita Das
    iv. Guitar:
    Status: class has started. 10 students.
    Teacher: Oliver Choudhury.
    v. Tabla:
        Status: Class is available.
        Teacher: Bappi Das
d. Quarterly event:
     i. competitions will be held to encourage kids to participate in library activities in the following areas:
        a. Art competition.         b. Quiz competition.
        c. Extempore Speech.
        d. Recitation.
        e. Debating.
        f. Singing.
        g. Drama.
        e. Dance.
        f. Sports.
Our long term plan is to:   
   a. Increase number of books, 
   b. Include news paper and magazines, 
   c. include more tablets and computers.
   d. A free health/eye checkup camp twice a year.
   e. Build a bigger building for the library.
   f. establish a network of libraries all over the world in economically backward areas.


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2% Raised of $10,000 Goal

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chandan Das

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0% Raised of $1,000 Goal

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