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When I was about 10 years old I was sexually abused by an old man it was so scary for me as I knew what he was doing I don't want to go into much detail but it has effected me quite a alot and so when I was about 13 yrs old this man I was talking to only as a friend but he fancied me witch was so disgusting I didn't understand fully at that time but I was so scared he wanted to have intercourse with me at just 13 and he knew my age and he was in his 20's I think he was like 22 yrs old he took me to a place that no one was there nor anyone could see me and him he was talking go me and he picked me up and started to basically abuse me I didn't understand what was going on after that I managed to get away by making him think he will be seeing me tomorrow at that time so I had no justice they didn't get arrested I did tell the family of the old man that abused me and they went around and asked him if he did it he lied and said no so they came around and said well he said he didn't do it so I was scared because I was hoping they believed me but they didn't I was then taken in to care and I was in care for a couple years and I left after 3 years and my foster cares was meant to have money for me for when I left care and they were getting my money and told me that money was in my 18+ account in witch I checked my account their was only £5.00 in my account the money they was getting was only for me to be saved so I had something when I left but I had nothing she was so so so horrible I got pregnant at 15 yrs old and lost my baby because she didn't take me to hospital didn't listen to the advise the midwife's was telling her to do like to bring me in cause my waters went they wanted me on bed rest and she didn't listen she made me go out everywhere with her I went to school when my waters went she took my phone off me also so when my waters went I couldn't phone anyone because my phone was down stairs I told them and they just told me to go to bed and 1 time she shouted at me when I was pregnant she was horrible to me and everything I had nothing so this money I'm raising for myself this will help me and I want to become a makeup artist and I want to feel safe also the fact that my foster carers robbed my money so I had nothing was wrong left me with nothing this money will go along way I no have a child who I want to keep safe and give her something I never had and I also have a dog that needs vet treatment this will help me give my dog a good life with taking her to the vets she needs to get done so she doesn't get pregnant and she needs her teeth done also as they have warn down so I want to give her the best start in life also I want to set up my own makeup line and make people beautiful I deserve this and I want to make people proud of me for doing something I need a big change I don't want to think about what happened to me because it's really upsetting and it makes me depressed and I don't want that any more I no theirs alot of young girls that have gone or is going threw what I went threw also xx



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