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changecan changetheworld

changecan changetheworld
oroville, CA
Stuff About Me:

hello.  my name is emily.  i am a regular, married, 32 year old mother of two.  we are a lower-middle class household, but i am privileged enough to be able to stay home to take care of my toddling daughter, as well as homeschool my second grade son.  we don't have much, and yet, as americans, we have so much.  we have leftovers left over, too much fruit to finish, pencils to spare, clothes to lose, and shoes to toss away when they stink too bad.  when i look around myself, in my home and out in public, i am astonished at the surplus of resources that surround us; and that largely get taken for granted.  and so, when i realized that helping my immediate family was not enough for me anymore, that the state of affairs in the world demands that i step up and help others farther away from me, i decided to start by harvesting the surplus of that afore-mentioned abundance.  hence, the age-old #changecan.  i grabbed an empty coffee can, duct taped it to seal my resolve, and cut a hole in the top.  so, from now on, all of my loose change will be donated to unicef, for i believe that they are a top-quality organization providing urgently needed relief to children, our most precious bit of population.  i started my #can last week and today i made my first donation of $18.24. you see, the beauty of the #changecan is that i don't even realize i'm missing that money.  for example, if someone had told me that i should donate twenty dollars a week to a good cause, i would have said that they were greatly overestimating the margins of my budget; however, when i simply set aside "what's left," i easily collect a sizable amount.  perhaps you're not a cash person--i understand.  can you spare fifty cents today and fifty cents tomorrow?  that's $15 a month, donate that #now.  or do you have two extra dollars maybe?  that you would otherwise spend on a tiny unnoticeable indulgence?  then donate two dollars #now, because if a thousand people donate two dollars, that's two thousand dollars and that's amazing.  the point of what i'm saying is this, #changecan happen, but only if you do something #now and #later and, ideally, #everydamnday.  start small.  give what you #can.  it will make a difference, but not if you don't do it, so #doitnow #givewhatyoucan to #change #changecan #changetheworld.



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