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Why the youths come out of school with no real skills in life?

Why the youth do not have a chance or knowledge how to rise up their voice?

The answer is because the current educational system treats children like robots who are supposed to serve the system alone all their lives. They must obey, not to question. The system needs obedient workers who commit their lives on working from 9 to 5 and who buy things so the rich get more rich. Only masculine values are seen as important in our current world order.

The educational system in most countries do not support creative behaviour but it is ruled by science. Creative skills like arts and crafts are not promoted, neither is physical education or philosophical thinking. The youth is supposed to sit, listen and memorise. Questioning and reasoning are not supported, but obedience and mass behaviour. Everyone should be the same. Everyone should know science, but even spiritual matters are not seen as important.

The youth is clearly suffering everywhere and we need to act before it is too late. School shootings and riots here and there show how the youth is suffering.

This projects aims to draft a clear proposal for a perfect school in which children would learn how to make shoes and hats, weave baskets and make clothes, basic health care and sanitation, agriculture and environmental awareness, development studies (society and cultures, true history of why we are unequally developed as a planet), analysis of spin doctoring, physical education and breathing exercises, learning motherhood and fatherhood etc.

Especially in the African continent, it would be very beneficial to have different types of schools from the rest of the world. The youth could learn a variety of skills and to survive better after their basic education. An ideal school would be democratic and children themselves could decide what topics they want to learn on top of the compulsory topics like reading, writing and counting.



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