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Planet Changer will eliminate lack of clean water, hunger, the orphan crisis and human trafficking from the planet through strategic partnerships and by providing opportunities for people to effect positive and sustainable change. We envision a world where everyone has local access to enough clean water to meet their daily needs and are safe from water-borne illness. A world where everyone has regular and sufficient food provisions; chronic malnutrition, starvation and famines have ceased to exist. A world where families have the necessary resources to care for their children, children no longer live on the street, and orphanages are solely a short-term solution for children with no alternative before joining a healthy and safe family. A world where every human life has equal value, people live with dignity, where trafficking and slavery of every form are permanently abolished. Planet Changer visualizes a world where every person has fair opportunity for basic human rights, safety, stability, and prosperity regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, religion or national origin.