The CrowdRise Story: July 2012

  • Who noticed we typed 2012 instead of 2016?  I didn’t. Until MMB (My Mean Boss) pointed it out but I decided to leave it just in case it really is 2012.  

  • Hero Dogs won the 4th annual Veterans Charity Challenge. They raised over $102,000.  Their mission is pretty amazing.  Gotta click through and check ’em out. 

  • Sorry for saying ‘gotta’

  • We added CrowdRise Flair to the rewards site so now you can stop stealing those little button things from your hipster neighbor and redeem your CrowdRise Impact Points instead.

  • A lot more happened in July too.  A pretty messy month in the world. We’re honored to provide a place where friends, strangers and neighbors can come together and do good for people across the globe. This July, people prayed for Nicerallied for Dallasand fought for Baton Rouge. Really inspiring. 

The CrowdRise Story: June 2016

  • I’m sure you’ve heard but people have stopped saying ‘so on and so forth’ and have started just saying ‘soasf’. We’re not positive that the flip has led to people giving back way more but it certainly seems to make sense.
  • The Art Van Charity Challenge was back for it’s fourth year and raised over $2.2million for organizations in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.  Not to brag but CrowdRise Challenges crush it.
  • On June 12th, Orlando faced the most devastating mass shooting in modern US history. Viacom, Planting Peace and #ThoughtsandPrayers sprung into action to provide comfort and support.
  • Megan found herself in Macedonia in the middle of the Syrian refugee crisis and what started as a fundraiser for warm clothes for displaced people has turned into something much bigger.
  • soasf

6/13 – You probably know how everything works but …


We’ll be sending new CrowdRise Hoodies to all CrowdRise Gatherings this coming week. You probably know how everything works but here’s a quick heads up … if your last name begins with the ledder A-J, you get a red hoody. Unless, your first name also begins with the ledder A-J, then you get the green hoody. But, if your first name begins with the ledder A-J and you’ve never eaten gazpacho soup, you get the navy hoody. Unless, of course, you can’t spell gazpacho … then you get the grey hoody. If your last name begins with the ledder K-Z and you spent more than ten minutes deciding whether or not you should read the Great Gatsby in school or just watch the movie, then you get the black hoody. But, if you read the book Raiders of the Lost Ark, and never saw the movie, and thought the ark was a boat … then you get the orange hoody with the green writing. Ledder is correct by the way. They’re done away with Letter. Unless, you got the red hoody. Okay. Thinking that covers it.  

6/6 – The Longevity Prize Things …


Best week ever. The Longevity Prize Things. If you don’t know about the LPT’s please find someone who you can ask about it. But, you’ll likely offend ‘em when you ask (because you’re supposed to know) so you may just want to pretend you know. Just saying. The first prize goes to the Austin, Texas CrowdRise Gathering. The Austin Gathering has met every other week since 1912 … only missing once because Auntie Kipoulerixi used an odd number of blueberries in her Super Berry Pie. The next prize goes to the Jacksonville, Florida CrowdRise Gathering. The JaxGat has met every day for five years straight. Not one day has passed where the JaxGat hasn’t had at least 100 people show up. Please note that the Jacksonville Gathering is one of only seventeen Gatherings that are allowed to have invisible people attend. Lastly, Sacramento, Phoenix, Dubuque, Detroit, Albany, Athens, Jefferson City, Little Rock and Juneau all get recognized for meeting in a dentist office every week for the past year. One really cool note … in Albany they meet in a different dentist office each week. Okay. That’s all.


5/30 – CrowdRise Gathering Video Game Tournament …


Quick update about the video game tourney for all CrowdRise Gatherings for the week after next.  If you won your CrowdRise Gathering video game tournament last year then you are allowed to play again this year but you are not eligible to win a prize. If you won a Regional or National tourney last year, as opposed to just your Gathering, you are not allowed to play this year unless you’re from any state that begins with the letter M or you’ve pretended to see a ghost. Here’s where it all gets slightly confusing … if you are a ghost but you’ve never pretended to see another ghost you can play at any level and you are eligible to win a prize. And, the prizes this year are really good. Mostly gadgets and toys covered in basil. We think. They’re not final yet. Okay. Thinking that covers it.