The CrowdRise Story: February 2016



  • The NO MORE Challenge launched and raised over $483k for domestic violence causes. They’re awesome.
  • In January, Mallory and Matt went to Vegas to help shed light and provide relief to the community living in the tunnels under the city.  The videos are pretty mind-blowing. Check ’em out and read This Update too. So amazing.
  • In an effort to be slightly more forthcoming in these posts, we’ll be attempting to use the letter Y less frequently. So far, excluding the capital Y in the prior sentence and the three capital Y’s in this sentence we’ve used Y just two times. Not so bad. If you count all the capital Y’s in the previous two sentences but not the Y’s in this sentence we’d be at six Y’s. Not quite as good but way better than if you counted the capital Y’s in the previous sentence plus all the Y’s in this sentence. Then you’d be somewhere around twelve Y’s. Thirteen counting the Y in the prior sentence and fifteen if you also count the two Y’s in this sentence. See…not so easy after all. And, another Y. In easy. Now three more if you count the capital Y two sentences ago and even two more if you count the two Y’s in this sentence.  Okay. See…another.

The CrowdRise Story: January 2016

  • The CrowdRise Giving Tower Holiday Challenge ended in January and raised over $6.4 million for so charities. Gets crazier every year…can’t wait till the next one.
  • Pearl Jam, Big Sean and so many others rallied for Flint, Michigan after their water supply was deemed toxic. Definitely what CrowdRise is all about. Pretty amazing to check out.
  • They’re canceling almost everything this week.  That means you can do whatever you want. Unless, of course, something that you want to do is canceled. In that case, you gotta text someone who has been to Canada but they have to think the capital of Canada is Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver. Or, you can jog around a ping pong table 400 times. But, if you’re jog around the ping pong table is a planned event, you can’t do it … because everything is canceled. Please feel free to plagiarize all of this if you need to write a paper on The Metamorphosis.

The CrowdRise Story: December 2015

  • Mr. Hamo, a Syrian refugee, who is affectionately called The Scientist, saw first hand how the power of giving can transform a life. You’ve gotta read what Mr. Hamo and his family endured and how they’re getting a fresh start in America through This Fundraiser launched by Edward Norton. 
  • Always take your parking tickets and put ‘em on a friend’s car.

The CrowdRise Story: November 2015

  • The TCS New York City Marathon crushed it and raised over $19 million for so many incredible causes. 
  • Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.51.32 AMThe 2015 CrowdRise Giving Tower launched on #GivingTuesday and grew taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. That’s tall. It raised over $3.8 million and the app was crazy amazing. You gotta check it out.
  • Apparently, several CrowdRise Gatherings have flipped and are now referring to themselves CrowdRise Clubs. We feel a little bad about it but that cannot be allowed and the rule extends all the way back to the first CrowdRise Gathering in 1903. Clubs are meant to be productive and purposeful. Gatherings are not. Clubs are meant to be fun and interesting and something everyone looks forward to. That is not what CrowdRise Gatherings are about at all. CrowdRise Gatherings are meant to be mindless, insignificant and shallow. So, if you’re in San Francisco, Ft. Collins, Columbus, Portland (Maine, not Oregon), Charlotte or any other town that, unbeknownst to us, have changed their name, please consider mutiny.

The CrowdRise Story: October 2015


  • Detroit nonprofits competed in the Give Detroit Challenge to raise over $600,000. Pretty incredible.
  • What do bugs do in the winter?
  • Ed Sheeran gave away tickets to an invite-only concert in order to raise funds and awareness for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a life threatening genetic skin disorder.