CrowdRise Joins GoFundMe

GoFundMe and CrowdRise


It’s been an incredible six years so far. When we started this thing called CrowdRise I’m not sure that any of us knew what it would look like at the start of 2017. It was a simple idea — to create a place where you plant a flag and say this is who I am, as defined by what I care about. The goal was not to try to suggest to you what you ought to care about. Just to give you a place to find your own way.

In the process we created a number of incredible crowdfunding tools that allowed tens of thousands of nonprofits, races, events and corporations to leverage the power of their crowd to do good and impact the world. All in, the CrowdRise platform has been used to raise over $500 million in donations.

On January 10th, we announced our merger with GoFundMe, the world’s largest platform for charitable giving. GoFundMe has been used by over 2mm people to raise money from over 25mm donors. Over $3bn has been raised on GoFundMe since 2010.

From our first conversations, I knew CrowdRise and GoFundMe would be a natural combination.  We share the same conviction that there needs to be a platform specific to people’s passion to support causes just as much as there are platforms for their social lives, their business lives, and anything else.  GoFundMe has built one of the most powerful tools for social good ever and we are so psyched to join forces with them.

The amazing teams at CrowdRise and GoFundMe see this partnership as a revolution in the way money will be raised for causes across the world and we can’t wait to get started.

Thank you and all love.


Modernize the Donate Button on Your Website

CrowdRise can power the donate button on your website, bringing a mobile friendly and seamless donation process to all your donors.

Based on feedback from thousands of our charity partners, we’ve developed a modern, simple, and effective donate button that you can use to power donations directly from your site. It’s customized to fit your organization’s brand and will work seamlessly and securely on desktop and mobile devices. It’s pretty amazing and here’s the breakdown on everything the donate button brings to the table.

*We didn’t actually do a survey to get this number. Had we done a survey, guessing we’d be sort of close.

New CrowdRise Donate button


No Platform Fees

There are no platform fees, only credit card fees (as low as 2.2%). And we give your donors the option to cover these fees getting you closer to cost-free fundraising. For real.

Branded & Customizable

We handle all of the hosting and security for the donation process, but donors will feel like they never left your site. You can custom brand your donate page and donor receipt which is amazing because branded donate pages have a 37% higher average donation than unbranded donate pages.

Modern & Fully Responsive

The donate flow is clean, simple and so intuitive. And since it’s fully responsive, it works seamlessly across all mobile devices and browsers. Such a huge game-changer for most charity partners.

Recurring Donations

Monthly giving is one of the fastest growing forms of online giving, and we’ve optimized the donation process to easily handle recurring donations. In one fell swoop you’ll solve your need for a responsive donation process and your desire to start building a base of monthly donors.


The most innovative charities have a Fundraise button right next to their Donate button. We can make that happen for you with a single line of code. The goal is to turn your most passionate supporters into fundraisers. A $50 donor is amazing but a $500 or $1000 fundraiser is a game changer. The American Red Cross, UNICEF, and the International Rescue Committee have already launched fundraise buttons on their sites, and we can get yours live in a day. And, just like the donate button, it can be custom-branded for your charity.

Social Sharing

We’ve been helping our charity partners raise money for over 6 years. Our proven social sharing methods within the donation process can lead to 3x as many donations.

Smart Saved Card Technology

Smart saved card technology means that donations will still be processed successfully even if the donor’s credit card expires or they get a new card number. It’s amazing technology that works with most credit cards, and will instantly increase your volume, especially valuable as you build a base of monthly donors.

Centralized Reporting and CRM Integrations

CrowdRise is integrated with Salesforce, plus other leading CRM systems. We also offer an API and you have full access to the CrowdRise Report Center, where you can see donor and fundraiser activity all in one place and all in real time.

Donate Button is Secure and Reliable

CrowdRise and our payment partners are PCI Compliant and can handle massive volume. We work with the largest charity and event partners in the world so there is no need to worry about security or scale.

When you’re ready to get your donate button or if you have any questions at all , please shoot us an email at and we’ll dig in. 

Raise More Money With The CrowdRise Campaign Update Tool

We just launched an awesome new update tool so your supporters can post real-time campaign updates right from their fundraising page. The reason that you’ll care is because fundraisers who send at least one campaign update raise, on average, 3 times more and have 4 times the repeat donor rate than the average fundraiser. In other words, this stuff works really, really well.

With a couple taps on their phone, fundraisers can send pictures, messages and soon, original videos without having to first link to YouTube or Vimeo. Imagine a runner on your team sending a thank you message and pic right after she crosses the finish line. Or, one of your volunteers posting a video about how the money he’s raising is helping to build a school as he’s laying the bricks to build it. Really powerful stuff.


Before building the update tool, we gathered data across millions of fundraising campaigns and found that the single best way to raise more money for your cause is by keeping your community engaged. It makes sense, just think about the causes you support and what keeps you coming back. The real trick is making it easy for the campaign organizer to drive engagement throughout a campaign. So we set out to solve that. 

Update Tool: So Easy

Our new Campaign Update Tool makes it super easy for all users (nonprofit partners, event organizers and individual fundraisers) to post updates. And when we say easy, we mean 30 seconds easy, not like doing your tax returns easy. Quick easy updates make everyone feel great. Easy for your fundraisers to do on the fly and it provides amazing feedback for the donors who are supporting your cause. It all happens in real-time so when you want to tell donors “We’re 50% to goal and these are the animals you’re helping to save”, you can jump in to make an update, add a pic, type your message and post. Plus when the updates are posted, they automatically push a custom email out to all the fundraisers and donors who are supporting the campaign. And that’s just the start.


Update Tool: So Powerful

These email updates come from the fundraiser organizer and get an alarmingly high 64% open rate. Which means more exposure and money raised for your cause.  So if you donated to your friend Steve’s campaign to help Louisiana flood victims and Steve posted an update on his fundraiser, you get an email from Steve with all the info he included in his update. It’s a game-changer and is very clearly leading to more donations for your cause.

The impact since launching the update tool has been amazing. Campaigns that use our update tool raise 3x more money and have 4x more repeat donors than campaigns that don’t use the tool. Pretty convincing and the more you use the update tool, the more your donors will engage.

And it becomes even more impactful as a nonprofit or event organizer because all the individual fundraisers within your campaign, are  leveraging the tool to keep their donors updated. It’s really incredible to see and such a huge value add for when selecting CrowdRise for your fundraising campaign.

Update Tool: So Many Uses

You can use the update tool for virtually anything you want to tell the whole group of donors and you can do it at anypoint in the campaign. Just for fun, here are some awesome examples of the update tool in action:

  1. General Updates – “We just reached $5,000!”
  2. Quick Call to Action. – “Our match ends tomorrow. Give now to double your impact!”
  3. Personal Stories – “Christopher’s chemo treatment is on Friday – Thanks for thinking of us”
  4. Show Impact – “Because of your support we were able to rebuild the Smith’s home”
  5. You can even use it to send thank-you’s to all of your supporters. – “We did it – Thanks so much”

The update tool is so easy to use and so, so powerful that it probably sounds too good to be true…like the time I got a second glance at the coffee shop or when I got home and someone had already taken out the garbage. But it is true and it’s already ready for you to start using and it’s already changing the game for thousands of fundraisers right now.


16 Amazing Fundraisers of 2015

2015 was a big year for CrowdRise specifically, crowdfunding generally and Donald Trump politically. And so why don’t we run down the 16 most popular fundraisers on CrowdRise – as chosen by you, the people. Let’s go!

A new life for a Syrian family torn apart by war​

Humans of New York and Edward Norton teamed up to raise over $460,000 on CrowdRise in just a few days for a Syrian refugee and his family as they relocate to Detroit. Such a powerful and amazing online fundraiser.

Crazy virtual reality captures the impact on #GivingTuesday

On #GivingTuesday, over 1,200 charities rallied to raise more than $5.8 million and make the CrowdRise Giving Tower the tallest building in the world. The CrowdRise Giving Tower was the best way for charities to raise money on #GivingTuesday and we’re bringing it all back for 2016.

TCS NYC Marathon rallies to raise over $19 million for good

Thousands of TCS New York City Marathon runners launched their own fundraising pages and rallied to raise over $19 million for hundreds of amazing causes. Just one awesome example of so, so many of endurance fundraisers on CrowdRise.

Funding new legs for elephants injured by landmines

The Asian Elephant hospital in Thailand needs help to build a factory that willprovide prosthetic legs to elephants and give them a chance to walk again. This is one of those unique online fundraisers that you just can’t get out of your head.

Eddie Vedder CrowdRises to cure debilitating skin disease

EB is a devastating genetic skin disorder that causes skin to tear apart and blister from the slightest touch. Eddie co-founded a research group to help find a cure and it has raised nearly $100,000. This is a great example of celebrities using their influence for good.

Following in Forrest Gump’s footsteps to fight poverty

Barclay ran across the USA, Forrest Gump-style, and raised over $11,000 for the Hall Steps Foundation, founded to fight poverty around the world by improving health. This is a great example of leveraging the power of crowdfunding to make a real difference.

Forever changing the lives of 3 kids in Honduras in 24 hours

Nicole went to Honduras and met Laura. In just 24 hours she raised enough money to help Laura, as well as two other teens, get surgery to change their lives forever. Now that is an amazing use of online fundraisers.

Justice for Cecil the Lion means fighting to end future poaching

Cecil, a beloved 13-year-old lion, was killed for sport in July. The world responded by raising over $70,000 to help protect other animals and end poaching for good. These sorts of mass mobilizations are what we had in mind when we started CrowdRise.

Allstate Purple Purse Challenge raises $3.1 million

Domestic violence charities rallied their communities in the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge and raised nearly $3.1 million collectively for the cause. And yeah, that’s Olivia Pope AKA Kerry Washington. She’s a big fan of crowdfunding.

Helping Army vet Chris Mintz, who tried to protect fellow students during Oregon shooting

Chris Mintz, an Army veteran, was shot while trying to warn students at a Southern Oregon college under attack by a gunman. Donations help with his recovery medical costs. This guy is a hero, and we were beyond proud to help raise over $30,000 for him.

The 2015 Boston Marathon raises over $1 million for every mile in the race

The John Hancock Boston Marathon community raised over $26 million for charityin 2015. That‘s more than a million dollars for every mile on the historic course. Such an amazing example of online fundraising in action.

Helping a displaced family in Haiti get their own home, all in 24 hours

Mallory went to Haiti and found a family, displaced by the earthquake, living in need. In 24 hours she was able to raise enough money to get them into their own home. Online fundraisers – it’s built for speed.

Melody used her bat mitzvah to CrowdRise and help orphaned elephants in Kenya

Melody and her family traveled to Nairobi to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Orphan Project. She was so moved, she asked friends and family to support their efforts in lieu of any bat mitzvah gifts. And she raised nearly $22,000! Mazel tov!

Revlon ‘Love is On’ raises $4.1 million for women’s health

Revlon used a $1 million dollar grand prize to help women’s health organizations spread the love and raise over $4.1 million for their causes. This was a great example of corporate philanthropy leveraging the latest technologies.

100% pro bono lawyer project helps those who can‘t afford legal help

Melanie quit her job as a lawyer and set out on a cross country tour giving pro bono legal help to those in need. Currently she’s working with migrant farmworkers who aren’t receiving full due process rights in rural California – and raised over $16,500 in the process. And they said lawyers are bad?

Saving the Gray girls from a rare brain disease

The Grays were devastated when they found out both Charlotte and Gwenyth have a neurodegenerative brain disease called Batten CNL6. They are fundraising on CrowdRise to fund the urgent medical research needed to save the lives of the Gray girls – So far their online fundraiser has raised over $108,000. These are the sorts of online fundraisers that CrowdRise was built for.


Not a bad 2015, amirite? Well here’s to a bigger, better and more helpful 2016.