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Team Rising's Fundraiser:

Charis Circle Read-a-Thon

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EVENT DATE: Nov 29, 2015

Team Rising


I love Charis Books and More/Charis Circle. Charis was such a big part of what makes Atlanta home for me. I made my way there within my first month of living in ATL and almost immediately had community. If I needed a hug--especially on a Friday evening--I'd go there and get wrapped in hugs. Charis, despite not actually being a community center, set my standard for how welcome I think I should feel when I walk in a community center. That was where I first read at open mic, how I ended up standing in front of Octavia Butler, where I practiced using unexpected connections.

People who came to me through Charis have been so important to my life in the last 15 years or so...they have given me a place to live when I was in transition, calmed me down from a panic attack that I felt was about to consume me, plotted how to orchestrate a circle of support from 700 miles away, and just let me be me.


SO...they're having a read-a-thon fundraiser and Booba and I are going to participate. We are NOT going to read for 24 hours (yo, I'm old I need sleep these days), but we are going to read. If you want to pledge in support, let me know. Maybe you want to give $1 a book for every book Booba reads? Maybe you want to give 10c for every page I read? Maybe you want to pledge $5 for...hmm...a book reviews by Booba? Maybe you just want to give me $5 for them to say "thanks, Charis, for loving on Asmara"? 



#CharisReads! A 24-Hour Read-a-thon to benefit Charis Circle, the non-profit programming arm of Charis Books!

12:01am Sunday, November 29th--11:59pm Sunday, November 29th!

What: A Fundraising Read-a-thon for Charis Circle. Indulge your inner book-worm by reading whatever you like during the 24-hour period, take pledges, keep track, win prizes, help Charis.

Who: YOU! Pick a Team Member to cheer on and donate to help them meet their goal or join the team and register to be a reader and collect pledges from friends, family, and your community.

Where: Anywhere you like to read: in the bath, in your bed, listening to an audio book in your car or while walking your dog, in a group, aloud, silently, with your kids, with your friends, its your choice!

Why: Because raising money for Charis Circle by doing what we all do best is a whole lot more fun than doing a walk-a-thon, marathon, bake-a-thon (though we like all those things too).

When: We will begin at midnight on Sunday, November 29th and you tally all of your reading for the next 24-hours.


If you want to donate to a team member's campaign click on one of the campaigns and chose someone to donate to. (As little as $10 helps!)

If you want to participate in the Read-a-thon:

click "Fundraise for this Event" at the top right

click "Join the team"

Set a goal for yourself: If you want to raise $200 for Charis we suggest reaching out to at least 20 people and asking them to give you ten dollars (for a penny per page, you'll read 200 pages!).

Send your personal link to your friends and social media network to begin collecting pledges and raising money. Friends should donate the amount they are pledging for you to reach your goal!

Read and post updates of you meeting your goals and tag them #CharisReads so other folks can cheer you on!

We'll give awesome book lover prizes like Charis Books gift certificates to the young person (14 and under) and adult who each read the most pages. The more you read, and the more folks pledge, the more we all win!

If you need help setting up your page or setting goals, please email Charis Circle Board Member, Elise Blasingame: 

The Team: $7,268 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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ER Anderson

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74% Raised of $2,000 Goal

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Zanetta Byers-Harris

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112% Raised of $750 Goal

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Elizabeth Levine

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158% Raised of $500 Goal

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Susana Morris

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117% Raised of $500 Goal

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Susan Landrum

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116% Raised of $500 Goal

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Jillian Ford

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100% Raised of $500 Goal

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Libby Ware

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85% Raised of $500 Goal

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Jennifer Thilo

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21% Raised of $2,000 Goal

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