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Empower Nonprofits to Succeed while paying off someone's student loan debt! We are the only 501C3 in America that pays down student loan debt at a time when student debt is crushing dreams and credit scores. Tax ID 26-2456182


Our mission is good for everyone.  Donors make service projects happen and are guaranteed the worker's student loan is paid back.  Nonprofits get a verified, proven professional in their fields that also has a lot of debt.  They develop a long lasting bond and the student loan company gets 80% of all donations paid electronically to the appropriate accounts.

Student Loan Debt in America is our next big financial crisis.  Step up and donate and reduce student debt with the only 501C3 student debt repayment program in the country!

If you give money to any charity, then you should be giving some on Service for Student Debt.  You choose the charity or sector where our consultants provide their time and in exchange directly impact someone's ability to pay the rent, buy food, and obtain a dream of being debt free.

Student loan rates are at 12.8% while average bank rates are much lower.  This makes education unobtainable, if it weren't for:

Service for Student Debt!