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Charity Music, Inc.

Help cultivate upcoming crop of young artists by providing Musical Instruments, to at- risk and disadvantaged youth wishing to explore their hidden Musical Talents. Tax ID 20-2155382


 Kids love music! Charity Music loves to help kids have music! Learning to play a musical instrument strengthens the mind on several levels. Higher brain power contributes to self confidence. Charity Music promotes music eduation. Musical instruments are provided  through  a low cost rental program to  less advantaged schools and students. We help reinstate Music Programs into the schools.  We provide opportunity for children ( and adults!) to play, touch, hear an array of instruments at our exhibit, The Sound Booth! Our exhibit can be found at many local festivals. We also provide a venue for youth performers to perform  live in a low stress, casual envirnment. Music minds build strong futures for our children!

Please join our mission! Thank you!