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Our baby boy has had a very hard life starting from inside his mommy. He is what you can call a out right miracle to even be here today. Charles Edward Monahan III started his life ten weeks premature and resided in the NICU for almost eight weeks before getting to come home. Overall we have encountered weeks of doctor appointments, occupational and physical therapy, visits a lung specialist for ongoing random issues,and much more. He is now a mini million dollar baby and has fought hard very hard to make the amazing progress he has but yet along with all the small problems has came some more serious ones. We have now encountered a very hard time in our lives. Last year we decided to by a house and create a home for our family and as all family has problems ours seemed hardly bearable until February 2013. The 13th daddy lost his job after ten years, the business closed unexpectedly and only with a month of unemployment left for an income. Three days later we were involved in a very bad car accident with all three of our kids in the car, mommy and daddy. After the kids all came home the thought of losing our mode of transportation I thought was bad enough until a week ago we were told that even though this wasn't deemed add our fault by the police, the car insurance company said it was daddy's fault so right now have to pay all medical expenses for this. Then on March 5th we got an expected call with very unexpected news..... Charlie finally got an appointment to begin the process of getting his head shaping helmet quickly followed by Medicaid isn't going to pay for any pre exams or post exams for observation. The pre exams may include cat scans, electric/digital measurements, xrays, fitting for the helmet and getting the helmet itself. I have talked to everyone regarding the billing and insurance coverage and this is what yet told me. Charlies motor skills, eyes sight, hearing, etc. Are normal so with this being said, his helmet only has a 30% chance of being paid by Medicaid and none of the testing/exams and will be billed directly to the parents. The reason they refuse to pay for it is because it is looked like a wanted cosmetic procedure so his face/head doesn't become A shaped or deformed. Babies only have a short time to correct any issues with had shaping. We are just down and out and we are nervous about how we are going to pay for this and continue to provide for our house?



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