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To improve the emotional and physical well-being of special needs individuals through the therapeutic use of horses, and to serve as an international training and education center for therapeutic riding programs. Tax ID 38-6061238


      As a Cheff Center parent recently stated,

“The great thing about the Cheff Center is that it is a place that allows for imperfection.  In a world where people are constantly striving for the unattainable goal of perfection, where the lie is believed and perpetuated that perfection is attainable and anything less than the illusive “perfect” is shunned and cast off– there stands the Cheff Center, allowing, embracing, enjoying, and validating everyone who enters.  The Cheff Center truly shows us what believing in diversity means.  Cheff understands and delights in the fact that all people are different, all people have their own individual strengths and weaknesses, and all people are valuable.  The patience, kindness, and authenticity of the staff makes Cheff a “safe zone” for the rest of us in this different-than-perfect world.  It gives the rest of us a chance to rest and catch our breath.”