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Cheka Mtoi Aishi! (Laugh and Keep a Baby Alive)

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Cheka Mtoi Aishi! (Laugh and Keep a Baby Alive) is an initiative that combines comedy and medicine to create awareness on how to prevent babies' death by hypothermia and raise funds to donate space heaters to all hospitals in Kenya. A SIMPLE ROOM/ SPACE HEATER WHICH CAN COST AS LITTLE AS US$ 45! Join us in our bid to create awareness on preventing hypothermia and raising money to donate heaters to ALL health facilities in Kenya. According to World Health Organisation statistics, 20 babies die every day in Kenya (nearly one every hour), and 8,000 babies die daily around the world, but most of these deaths can be prevented. One of the major causes of this loss of life is hypothermia (low body temperature). Saving lives was the inspiration behind the launch of Cheka Mtoi Aishi; Saving Babies In Africa, One Heater At A Time. The project’s aim is to buy room heaters that will be donated to delivery rooms in all hospitals in Kenya. The Founder of the Charity Dr. David Wasambla, a medical doctor, first came up with the idea while working in hospitals in Meru and Moyale. He saw many babies lose their lives within 24 hours of being born due to hypothermia because they are unable to generate their own warmth; or in their first week to pneumonia. The first few minutes are crucial to the good health of a newborn baby. Imagine how cold you feel when the temperature drops by a few degrees. Well, babies experience a ten-degree drop right after birth! The temperature in the womb is approximately 36 degrees centigrade, while room temperature is around 25 to 26 degrees. This is why a room heater is important — to keep the baby’s temperature stable while being dried and wrapped in warm clothing. The drop in temperature is the reason why even hospitals in the relatively warm areas such as the Coast, Nyanza and North Eastern provinces also need heaters. The first heater was donated to Timau Hospital courtesy of a church donation. Since then, many other people have been inspired to support the cause. Every heater is branded with the name of the benefactor and the beneficiary hospital. David’s combining of his talent and profession to give back to the society won him the Jubilee Insurance Samaritan Award in June 2013. We have so far given over 100 heaters to various health facilities, with the beneficiaries including Embu Level 5 Hospital, Makueni District hospital, Kilifi Hospital and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (also known as Russia Hospital) in Kisumu amongst other. In the next phase we seek funds to provide 400 Heaters to more Hospitals. Our Total Budget for the next phase is USD $ 30,000.00.



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