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Cheri Kirby

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Cheri SAYS:
My dearest Al, I confidently…
My dearest Al, I confidently stand on your shoulders each day knowing that you are with me in spirit & share my conviction to get better. Love you, my friend! Thank you for your continued support!
3 years ago
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Cheri SAYS:
Al, your faith in me further…
Al, your faith in me further ignites my Power2Survive. Thank YOU for playing your special, unique role in my journey!
3 years ago
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Cheri Kirby
Chicago, IL United States
Stuff About Me:


I am facing death for the sixth time in the past 30 years. I have an enemy that seeks me out consistently and tries with ALL of its might to steal my joy, peace, hope and, more importantly, my life. The enemy I face daily is aggressive, bold, ferocious and quite stealthy. My enemy is CANCER and I can no longer fight it alone! As relentless as it is in its quest to destroy me, God has given ME the courage to be MORE relentless in igniting MY power to survive.

I have had breast cancer three times resulting in a bilateral mastectomy. I have had esophageal cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) which resulted in my esophagus being removed and my stomach being attached directly to my throat. It appeared in my stomach. It then metastasized to my abdomen and chest. Now, cancer has further metastasized to my liver and lung.

You can’t imagine how tired I am!

I am still recuperating from the last cancer battle which ended only 6 months ago! Obviously, what I’ve done in the past has only been a Band-AID and NOT a cure. Doctors continue to offer what is known as “traditional” treatment: Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Surgery. However, with each chemotherapy treatment, healthy tissue is poisoned, my organs are threatened and my body becomes weaker. As I continued research far more than you can imagine during treatment, Nature’s garden demonstrated its contribution to my survival. It has been my best medicine during each occurrence. 

When I was diagnosed for a second time with stage 4 metastatic cancer a few weeks ago, once again doctors offered me another Band-Aid…4 more rounds of chemotherapy. I am angered that this is the only recommendation American doctors can offer me as they also predict that my, now 113 lb. body will not withstand the poisonous flow of chemotherapy again. Yes, POISON … I see that word staring at me each time I’ve been hooked up to the plastic bag that leads to loss of vitality, appetite, hair & even life... While other countries, like Switzerland and Germany, enjoy remarkable success rates..

I am a vibrant woman who loves life! I build supportive housing for the homeless for a living even during illness. I enjoy making a difference daily in someone else’s life. I am a FIGHTER!  And most importantly, I am a spiritual person that possesses a deep bond with my Creator that has guided me to Nature's Pharmacy for complete healing.  Armed with spiritual fortitude and your help, I can get in the fight once again with the greatest possibility to win. Its now time to trust holistic healing completely and ignite my body's innate power to heal and continue to live.  

I have one week to begin treatment. I am choosing to pursue non-toxic life-saving remedies that my insurance will NOT cover.This time, I AM choosing the weapon against my enemy. This time, I will face my opponent from a position of strength and not weakness. My treatment plan will require one year of focused medical & nursing care, travel and medication. Unfortunately, insurance will not cover the estimated cost of at least $100,000. This time, I will know true victory, not remission, as I eradicate CANCER. I will no longer allow it to lie dormant in my body ready to strike again at will to kill me. 

Yes, I have the Power to Survive, but I am truly in need of financial help. Please click to make a donation of any amount and share with your family, friends, Facebook, Twitter and other social media to help me get the treatment I NEED to live. 




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