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Chesapeake VA Grassfield guys to Young Life Camp

Organized by: Bryan Frederick

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Dear friends of Chesapeake and all over, My name is Bryan Frederick, I encourage you to read through the entirety of this “letter” so to speak, you could potentially help us change someone’s life forever. I am a Senior Campaigner of a non-profit organization called Young Life at Grassfield High School. If you are unfamiliar with Young Life, it is a “club” that is able to spread the gospel to the lost souls of innocent, lonely, wondering, High School and Middle School students across the nation and world. What is so unique about Young Life is that we don’t ask the kids to come to us through parents and churches, we go to them. Be where they are, their local High Schools and Middle Schools. We go to football games, talent shows, plays, wrestling matches, you name it. We go and are an incredible representation of Christ in the flesh and form relationships with students, and hang out with them, be with them through good and bad times, and show them that we genuinely care for them. This earns our “right to be heard” and we can slowly begin to tell them of the gospel. This brings us to our first weekly meeting held for Young Life, and that’s called Young Life Club. Young Life Club is designed to be the best night of a kid’s week to get away from the worries of their stressful schedule of assignments, and projects to just simply have fun! This is also a perfect way for Leaders to get to hang out with new faces they haven’t had the opportunity to meet. Club is a place for any High School student of any grade, background, or lifestyle to come and have a blast together in unison. Club is filled with energy filled songs, games, skits, laughs, memories that you will never forget. But what is most important about club is that at the end of every night, a leader steps up to speak about the Gospel to the lost kids in the crowd. At Grassfield alone, about 100 lost kids get to hear the greatest news they will ever hear, and that is they have an eternal home with the God of the Universe and they can have an everyday relationship with Him. With the kids who come to know the Lord through Young Life Club or through relationship with their Leader or both even, they will come to a second weekly meeting called “Campaigners”. At campaigners they will be able to further their relationship with the Lord with reading the word, singing worship songs, and being in fellowship with their friends and leaders. It truly is a great time to relate to and be with kids, and help them grow in their faith. Here they also learn how to be a representation of the Lord in their own school and love their friends like Jesus does, and also love the kid sitting alone at lunch time or the kid who may feel like they are not enough for this world and want to end it all. Campaigners go out and support their other friends in their sports and activities and be encouraging to them to show them a light in life that they have acquired through a relationship in Christ, that their friends crave for in their life, and that is Love and Grace. They invite their friends to club to show them what a glimpse of what living a life with Jesus looks like, and that’s FUN, NOT boring. There again their friends get to hear the word of truth they have been longing for, and have the opportunity to except it as well. One tool that Leaders and Campaigners both use is called Young Life Camp. Young Life Camp is designed to truly be the best week of a kid’s life. It is filled with things like, zip lining, tubing, mountain biking, horseback riding, huge water slides, huge swings that go up very high in the air called the screamer, a high tree ropes course, rocking Young Life clubs every night, some of the best food you probably will ever have 3 times a day, huge surprises around every corner, and just absolutely unforgettable memories to be made. Young Life camp truly changed my life; I went from a kid who had no friends and hated anything that had to do with Jesus and religion period. To falling absolutely in love with Him and wanting to be just like Him in everything that I do. Now I have dedicated my life to making sure that kids all over will never have to feel alone or abandoned, depressed, or helpless and hopeless, because there is such a life worth living through Jesus. Helping these kids get to that point and seeing them stick with it, is what makes me go on, sacrificing my own time to talk to kids to the early hours of the morning to make sure they are okay, taking them out to eat and paying my own money to show them I love them, and driving them all over with no charge, and just purely being consistent in their life as Jesus is already in mine. But here is the kicker for camp, which is by far the best tool I have ever seen for bringing kids to the Lord, is that it is super expensive per kid. This year Chesapeake Young Life is going to a camp in Goshen, VA called Rockbridge July 14-19th 2016. The cost per kid is $675, which may sound like a lot, but through door to door fundraising, car washes, selling discount cards, having fundraising dinners, etc. we are able to sponsor kids money that they wouldn’t originally be able to afford on their own. This year for my Senior year my goal is to get together an entire cabin of boys to camp and leading them through the best week of their lives, and allowing the Lord to work through their hearts, so that they may see His light and grace. You can contribute any amount that you desire, every little bit helps. Thank you so much for taking time in reading this and by contributing, you truly will be doing eternal things for the kingdom. These kids deserve to know they are loved and have the best week of their lives. Bryan Frederick, Senior Grassfield High School Young Life Campaigner


Organized by

Bryan Frederick

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