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Chesapeake Service System’s mission is to provide work opportunities in an environment that will stimulate development and improve the health and quality of life in people with developmental disabilities. Tax ID 54-1302211


CSS' Vision:

Chesapeake Service System's Vision is to make sure that all persons with severe disabilities are accepted into their communities and seen as equal.  This can only be done by eliminating the negative stereotypes that people have regarding people with disabilities.  Every person with a disability has the right to work because without work, people lack self-esteem.  Without self-esteem and confidence people do not develop properly.


Work = Quality of Life:

Most people are shocked to learn that 56 people from Southeastern Virginia Training Center (SEVTC) are on CSS' payroll!  Another 30 have worked on projects CSS has sent over to SEVTC and 124 people total have engaged in work overall.  We also have pages of words from these individuals expressing their desire to work.  One person said, "I want to work because when I work, I am a real person."

Fundraising Campaigns