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CHICUCHAS WASI Tax ID 68-0188327


What: Chicuchas Wasi provides free, primary, academic education the school stresses personal development by instilling social and personal values, self- esteem and integrity. The regular curriculum is augmented with classes on Hygiene, Art, English, and Quechua. The school frequently participates in civic events, which are an integral part of Cusquena. In addition we provide: uniforms, books, school supplies, transportation, and daily hot meal. This school year 92 girls received dental care. We awaken early in life their self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence to prepare them to be change makers and survice economically. Parent classes to address domestic conflicts in a healthy manner, and empower many single mothers to believe in themselves and resource job training.

Why: The belief of rural uneducated women that they are inferior to men and destined to suffer from human rights violations of hunger, poverty, rape, beatings, and inability to care for their children because they are women, and need a man to provide for them. Women believe that they have no power to make decisions to change gender inequality that keep them impoverished and silenced. We strive to awaken girls and their mothers that they can rise above poverty and ignorance with education.