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Child & Family Resources, Inc.

Building strong communities where children can reach their full potential Tax ID 86-0251984


Today, Arizona ranks 46th out of 50 states in child well-being. 1 out of 4 Arizona children lives in poverty, and over 65% of children don't attend preschool. Arizona's youngest children are being neglected. From access to quality, affordable child care and preschool, to healthy parenting and family support, our children and families are paying the price for the State's neglect.

At Child & Family Resources, we don't think this is right. We believe that all children, regardless of income or zipcode, should have what they need to reach their full potential. It's why since 1970, we've led the way in providing high-quallity child care and preschool, helped parents learn healthier parenting skills, nurtured childrens' early development, and worked with youth to make smarter life choices.

Helping over 15,000 children and families each year, we work from 10 offices across Arizona, providing nearly 20 comprehensive and life-changing programs.

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