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Child Of The Promise - Goldsboro

Child Of The Promise - Goldsboro
CROWDRISE : Aug 26, 2016
Tax ID: 47-1758210
BASED: Goldsboro, NC, United States

Child Of The Promise - Golds...

Christian Productions

Child of the Promise is a charitable non-profit 509 (a) (2) tax exempt corporation dedicated to providing artistic productions with Biblical messages as a unique way to reach people with the Word of God – for His Glory

It all started with a CD.


Not too long after the national tour of “Child of the Promise” (with so many famous Christian musicians), a friend of Linda Meyer’s gave her a CD of the music from the tour.  She loved the music and [having been involved with producing shows for “StageStruck”] wondered about doing the production with local artists. 


Several years later, she was talking with a friend at church (Bobbie Anderson) who knew of the music and had actually seen one of the performances on the tour.  Bobbie, with her professional background, caught the bug about producing the show also. 


The two women were able to search out and find the rights holder and contacted Ian Garland in the UK and the process was started.  First Presbyterian Church fronted the early expenses as a part of out-reach ministry and the project was off the ground. 


Expenses were held to a minimum, but even then and with FPC’s help it was a leap of faith.  So many talented people contributed to the success of the first year’s program and as the curtain date neared, it even seemed there might be some excess over expenses and the group chose Wayne Pregnancy Care Center as a charity were there to be any extra proceeds.  More importantly, the production added substantially to the community’s awareness of the care center both with the publicity and as representatives manned the lobby during the shows.


The show was a ministry to the community and all involved could feel the Holy Spirit at work and regarded the work they did to make it happen as worship – as well as the shows themselves.


After the last show there were repeated proclamations of what would be done the next year (as if the assumption was that there would be a next year).  A tradition was born.


Child of the Promise continued its ministry partnership with the pregnancy care center the next year allowing for donors (who became donors to the center as well) to be able to take a tax deduction for their support and providing publicity to the mission of the care center.  Quite a few baby bottles were handed out in the early years to people learning of the Wayne Pregnancy Center for the first time. 


Each subsequent year presented additional challenges as the expenses rose (orchestra, theater rentals, royalties and etc.) and complexities arose.  However, many people have made the musical a part of their Christmas Tradition and we are constantly told attendees are hearing new facets of “The Greatest Story Ever Told” even having been multiple times.  We have seen how it has renewed and strengthened believers’ faith and how it has won new believers with the Biblical message of God’s plan and the wonder of the His preparation for and prophesy of the miracle of Incarnation.


After a recommendation of the WCC board made possible by a simplification of the IRS application process, Child of the Promise is now its own corporation – a public tax exempt 501 (c)(3) charity [509 (a)(2)].  Those involved with Child of the Promise look forward to continuation of this ministry and especially to reach those who have yet to see the musical.  All of the Child of the Promise family share the wish that, along with those seeing the production annually, residents of our community will all share the JOY of the season enhanced by seeing the production.


Tax ID: 47-1758210


Child of the Promise

Child of the Promise

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