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Arian Mohamadi's Fundraiser:

Child Slavery

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BENEFITING: Invisible Children

Arian Mohamadi


More people are enslaved today than at any time in human history. In no country is the practice legal, yet its injustice continues to leave no country or community unaffected. Hi, my name is Arian. A group of my friends and I decided to put up this small Fund Raiser to raise a total amount of $430 for today's child Slavery which is taking place globally and is given not adequate attention to. Modern slavery is hidden in red light districts and factories, on fishing boats and farms, through our supply chains and even within our homes. Slavery’s many labels include human trafficking, forced and bonded labor, sex trade, debt bondage, and domestic servitude. It's tragedy most often affects the vulnerable – men, women, and children alike. Ultimately, modern slavery is characterised by the denial of a basic freedom and human dignity when a victim is exploited for economic or personal gain. It is part of our obligation as today's young community to do what is best for each other and to at last eradicate human Slavery. However, we alone cannot make a huge difference, we need Your Help! Yes You Sir/ Madam. The EIA states that the average monthly electricity usage in the US adds up to $110.20 per month. That adds up to $1,322.40 annually. We kept our final goal small so that any Individual regardless of today's social hierarchy can donate whatever amount they are comfortable with. Your Contribution Matters! So far, we have used various other types of mediums to raise money and awareness for Slavery. One, being this website. So let's take the first step together towards this change and gradually no matter how small or large ripple that can make a difference!



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