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Our mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive early childhood services in Washington and Hancock Counties in Maine. We advocate for adequate resources and the building of collaborative relationships to promote the well being of children, families, and communities. Tax ID 01-0288757


What it all comes down to is that we know that investing in children early in life has dramatic positive results for that child, their family, and our communities.  

We know that 80% of a person's neural pathways are complete by the age of 3, and that by the age of 5 it is possible to start to predict which children will succeed in school, and which will struggle.

We know that ALL children and their families deserve to thrive.  And we know that high quality early education programming and support for children and families is a vital peice of the puzzle.  We serve children from ALL income levels, of all abilities, and we do it through a combination of state and federal grants, child care fees, and the support of individuals who believe as we do, that children, and their health and education, are the key to our future.  Please join us in investing in a better future.