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Children, Inc. partners with families to ensure lifelong success for all. Our approach involves using brain research-tested activities in our early learning classrooms and working with families to make sure learning is continual - for both child and caregiver.

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Children, Inc. provides nationally accredited child care and early education programs in a variety of settings throughout Northern Kentucky for over 3,000 children every day. The agency currently consists of early learning centers, school age services, a home visitation program to help at-risk parents gain success in the first three years of their child's life and offers a variety of training programs for parents and early childhood professionals across the country.

It is our mission to provide access to high quality early education programs for all students because we know that a student that starts behind stays behind. Research shows time and time again that investments in early childhood provide the best return. By building a strong foundation in language and reading in the first five years of a child's life, we are ensuring their future success.