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Children of the City Inc

Reaching at-risk inner city children and youth with the hope, guidance and resources to break the cycles of poverty and positively affect their lives and communities. Tax ID 11-3308972


Children of the City (COC) is a children’s development organization that provides programs that respond to the needs of disadvantaged children living in Southwest Brooklyn. Daunting numbers of children and youth are growing up in households where neglect, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, crime, teenage pregnancies and gang activities are far too prevalent. Language and cultural barriers coupled with lack of education among parents, results in frustrated children that receive little help at home. In under-resourced communities, kindergarten enrollment can reach more than 50 children per classroom. With too few guidance counselors to meet student needs in overcrowded schools, children often slip through the cracks and fail to receive the attention they need to succeed.

Poverty is the number one cause of educational failure and high drop out rates in the communities we serve. Our goals are to close the academic skills gap for each child and to address the social issues that hinder each child from focusing on their education and achieving success. COC provides home visits, intervention and supplemental educational services in collaboration with local schools and a network of partner agencies. This approach has led to long-term success in the lives of the children we have served for more than thirty years. These services provide children and families with a well-rounded approach to achieveing success, offering programs that support the family on all levels.


What We Do:

Youth Mentoring
In-Home Counseling
Legal Guardianship
Trauma Intervention
College Readiness
Financial Counseling
Family Support Programs
Workshops and Community Events
Academic After-School and Summer Program Advocacy with State and City Agencies on Behalf of the Children