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Childrens Clinics For Rehabilitative Ser...

Childrens Clinics For Rehabilitativ...
CROWDRISE : Aug 09, 2016
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BASED: Tucson, AZ, United States


Childrens Clinics For Rehabi...

Our Mission

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Remember being a six-year-old kid, flying up and down the street on your pink Huffy or electric blue Schwinn? The wind smacking your face, as you raced your friends from the mailbox to the corner and back? Those were the days. The best days, when you could just be a kid. Sadly, many of Tucson's kids have never had the luxury of kid-hood due to the demands and constraints of living with a disability. It's time consuming, isolating, and expensive. Until now. Children's Clinics is ensuring that kids they serve (and children in the community with complex health needs) get the opportunity to just be a kid. We have started an Adaptive Recreation Fund, and through this fund, we are gearing up to give away 90 adaptive tricycles, 60 of which go out in October. - Adiba Nelson

Ride for our team and help us raise money to give out more bikes, and help every kid be an athlete. 



2017 Children's Clinics El Tour de Tucson

2017 Children's Clinics El T…

Amount Raised:



22% Raised of $30,000 Goal

2016 Children's Clinics El Tour de Tucson

2016 Children's Clinics El T…

Amount Raised:



239% Raised of $5,000 Goal