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Children’s Legal & Educational...

Children’s Legal & Educat...
CROWDRISE : May 24, 2016
Tax ID: 857986046RR0001
BASED: Calgary, AB, Canada


Our Mission

To provide legal advice and representation directly to vulnerable children and youth. We build our community’s capacity to protect the legal rights of children and youth by providing legal information, education and training.

CLERC is committed to improving the lives of vulnerable young people through our legal work. We are the only registered charity in Western Canada providing specialized legal support to vulnerable children and youth at no cost to them. Since 2002, our staff and volunteer lawyers have provided legal information, advice and representation to young people caught up in their parents' high conflict custody and access disputes, as well as legal support in civil law matters (guardianship, independent living, pregnancy/parenting, employment, return of property and landlord/tenant). As legal specialists in dealing with children and youth, we also provide education and pro bono opportunities to lawyers looking to give back to the community. CLERC does not provide legal support on criminal matters or to children involved in child protection proceedings. Those young people are referred to government funded agencies: The Youth Criminal Defence Office of Legal Aid Alberta and The Office of the Child and Youth Advocate, respectively.

Tax ID: 857986046RR0001 •


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