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CROWDRISE : Aug 20, 2012
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BASED: Galveston, TX, United States



Empowering Community

The mission of The Children’s Center, Inc. is to rescue, nurture and empower children, youth and families.


Brief Overview of The Children’s Center, Inc.


Mission Statement: The mission of The Children’s Center, Inc. is to rescue, nurture and empower children, youth and families utilizing a quality continuum of caring that facilitates achievement of quality of life.


Programs: To fulfill its mission, The Children’s Center, Inc. operates a Child and Family Safety Network, a Foster Care and Adoption Network, and a Prevention, Early Intervention and Education Network. 




Child and Family Safety Network


  • The Crisis Response Team: an emergency response team available 24/7/365 on-call that transports runaway and homeless youth and families in crisis to safe and secure destinations. The team, which covers the entire HGAC (Houston Galveston Area Council) 13 County area in Texas, responses to the TCCI Hotline at: 844-763-8861 and to calls from all community partners.
  • Safe Place: provides employee training and clearly marked signage for runaway and homeless youth and families in crisis. TCCI is the only National Safe Place affiliate within 241 miles. There are currently 84 verified locations in gas stations, convenience stores and fast food outlets, throughout the Houston/Galveston metro area in high risk locations such as Montrose, Fifth Ward, Pasadena, Deer Park, Galveston and rural areas such as Santa Fe.
  • The Family Crisis Center: is an emergency homeless shelter that keeps families together as a unit and trauma-informed care. The shelter alsoprovides referral resources such as health care, substance abuse treatment, job preparation and limited mental health care as funds permit.
  • Galveston Multicultural Institute: operates two shelters to serve sixteen females and sixteen males between the ages of five and seventeen, utilizing trauma informed care, and providing temporary care until family reunification or other permanency planning may be accomplished
  • Transitional Living Program: provides transitional housing and support for young adults who have aged out of the CPS system; have been victims of human trafficking; sexual abuse or other forms of victimization and require education and job referral.
  • Host Homes: Vetted, temporary placement for minors and older youth with oversight from licensed TCCI professionals.

Foster Care and Adoption Network

  • The Jameson Center – a child-placing agency in partnership with CPS that provides foster homes in Galveston, Fort Bend, Brazoria and Harris County; now expanding into adoption, kinship adoption services in the McAllen, Texas area near the border. The Children's Center, Inc. is licensed as a Child Placing Agency by the Department of Child Protective Services in Texas.


Prevention and Early Intervention Network

  • The Children’s Center, Inc. Independent School District-TCCIISD
  • Bernardo de Galvez: is an Alternative High School, with accreditation from AdvancedED, a TEA approved Private School Cluster (Granted 8/2017)
  • Galveston Multicultural Institute School: A school that will serve traumatized children referred to our GMI shelter, on an emergency basis from The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), Region VI.
  • Community Youth Development (CYD): juvenile delinquency prevention program, managed by a professional educator, that operates with partner agencies to provide afterschool and enrichment programs.
  • Ser Y Hacer: regional educational, Adult ESL, cultural and social support that provides DOJ/USCIS accredited classes for legal permanent residents who wish to become U.S. Citizens.


The Children’s Center: A History of Providing Solutions for a Complex Problem

The level of expertise inherent in the Children’s Center is a result of 135 years of caring for youth in the Galveston community.  In fact, their cutting-edge intervention into the problem of runaway and homeless youth was recognized when the Youth Center was featured as a “core program” for a “60 Minutes” television documentary on CBS, narrated by veteran newsman Robert McNeil.

The Galveston Children’s Home was established as an orphanage in 1878. Illnesses and poverty left many children on the streets and Galveston Daily News Publisher, George Dealey, spearheaded efforts to establish the orphanage to better care for these less fortunate children.

In 1901, the Society for the Help of Homeless Children opened a home in Galveston to care for the growing number of children without parents to care for them. A home was purchased and later named the Lasker Home for Children in honor of Morris Lasker, who supported establishment of the orphanage. In 1923, Charlie and Albertine Yeager purchased a home in Galveston, Texas. The Yeager's used the home initially as a day nursery and kindergarten. By 1930, the home became an orphanage dedicated to African-American children in the community.

In 1970 in response to the growing number of runaway and youth on the streets and beaches of Galveston, the YWCA of Galveston established an outreach effort. A “Shell-ter” or mobile beach patrol utilized a mobile home to meet survival needs of Homeless and Runaway youth. The “Shell-ter” evolved into development of an emergency shelter operated by the YWCA and led by youth advocate June Bucy.  


In 1973, Dean Coryll was arrested in Houston, Texas ending one of the most horrific serial murders in U. S. History. Over twenty youth were killed in the area. The national spotlight was focused on the plight of runaway and homeless youth. In 1974 concerned citizens from the area, including June Bucy and Steve Wicke of Houston worked to create national support for the plight of Runaway and Homeless Youth. Founding of Texas Network of Youth Services resulted from these efforts. June Bucy became the Executive Director of what was then called National Network of Runaway and Youth Services. Through continued efforts, the RHY Act was established by Congress in 1976. In 1988, the Galveston Children’s Home, the Lasker Home, the Albertine Yeager Children’s Home and the YWCA of Galveston merged to become The Children’s Center, Inc. The Yeager Children’s Home became the Yeager Youth Crisis Center, taking over the work of the YWCA shelter. The Children’s Center evolved into childcare, foster care, and shelter care for youth.


On a stretch of Interstate 45 between Houston and Galveston, over 30 young women and girls have disappeared since the late nineteen-seventies. The area is now known as “the Texas Killing Fields”. In 1997, the Congressional Congress for Missing and Exploited Children was established by Rep. Nick Lampson who represented the Galveston area. With the support of his office, the Children’s Center embarked upon establishment of Safe Place sites throughout the area to educate youth and better promote their safety.  Today, The Children’s Center is engaged in programs providing Street Outreach, prevention and early intervention services, foster care, emergency shelter, transitional living and permanent supportive housing for domestic and immigrant youth and families who are at risk or are victims of abuse, neglect, trafficking and domestic violence.    The Children’s Center, Inc. has a long history of culturally competent hiring and service provision. As a result, the LBGTQ population has always been provided safe and secure shelter and services. As of 2016, this has become an increased priority to due to the Orlando shootings, which left 49 dead in a gay bar and now ranks as the nation’s worst mass shooting.


The Children's Center, Inc. is licensed as a Child Placing Agency by the Department of Child Protective Services in Texas. The organization has a Respite Center for Emergency Placement; a Drop-In Center, and Host Homes.


TCCI is a vetted resource for The Polaris Project -National Runaway Hotline and National Runaway Safeline.

TCCI is the only National Safe Place Affiliate within 246 miles of Houston. The Crisis Response Team formed relationships with corporate partners and have grown the locations to 84 vetted and verified locations in the Five Critical Target Areas of: Galveston Island/Galveston County; Pasadena/Deer Park, Harris County; Greater 5th Ward, Houston, Harris County, Montrose Neighborhood, Houston, Harris County, Gulfton Neighborhood, Houston Harris, County.


Recent Accomplishments:

The Children’s Center, Inc. has received regional and statewide recognition for its innovative programming. During Super Bowl LI on February 5, 2017, The Children’s Center, Inc. was invited to participate in “Super Bowl Crisis Response and Emergency Childcare Plan” in partnership with the Arrow Project – Freedom Place and Montgomery County Youth Services. The TCCI Crisis Response Team, did outreach for 10 days prior to and after the event. Over 500 pieces of literature were passed out. The team spokes to hundreds of concerned people, referred many and provide emergency backpacks to those in crisis. CEO/President James T. Keel has been invited to meet with the statewide group tasked with working on solutions that combat child sex trafficking.

The Children’s Center, Inc. was awarded a $25,000 grant from the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee as an organization that deserved support for its community enhancement activities. It was one of only 78 grants awarded in an 11-county area.



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