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Childrens Playtime Productions' (CPP’s) MISSION is to provide quality theatrical and educational programs that enhance the development of the community and our youth. Tax ID 33-0730102


For over 20 years, CPP has worked tirelessly to provide the youth of the Coachella Valley in California with opportunities to learn, grow, excel and enjoy their formative years (which has sometimes included youth up to 80 years of age)!

From the outside, we appear to be devoted to helping those interested in the performing arts learn to put together and perform in productions.  Upon closer inspection, one learns that we are about that and so much more! 

For those that participate in our programs directly, we teach all of the requisite skills to succeed as actors and actresses but, more importantly, we seek to affirm core values of Commitment, Responsibility, Enthusiasm, Dedication, Integrity, Teamwork, Self-Esteem and Pride.  In short, tools to succeed in life no matter what field of work is pursued.

Additionally, the 10s of Thousands of local youth that see our productions, along with those in them, get to experience - first hand - that anything is possible!  Performing on the same stage as National Touring Companies, and sitting in a theatre that "adults" spend $100s on for tickets - in a venue that the more disadvantaged participants might not otherwise ever get to set foot in!  One can only imagine both how AWEsome and inspiring and empowering an experience that can be to a young mind.