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CROWDRISE : Jan 30, 2013
Tax ID: 80-0763641
BASED: La Jolla, CA, United States



Our Mission:

Children’s Smiles is a 501c(3) non profit organization that is working diligently in the lives of children all over the world whose self-confidence has been compromised due to a traumatic or abusive situation. Our goal is to provide the essentials that sponsor the strengthening of self-confidence, love, comfort, and education in these children.


Children’s Smiles presence and efforts spread throughout the United States.  We touch the hearts and smiles of more than 2,000 children per year. Children’s Smiles participates in a series of outreach programs from stuffed animal giveaways, inspirational celebrations for hospitalized children and their families, to finding mentors for troubled youth.  We aim to inspire and encourage each and every child to discover their confident, powerful self and realize the bright successful future that lies ahead.
Self-confidence means something different for everyone; it is personal.  In most cases it is an innate feature that grows and prospers through support and encouragement.  When a child goes through a traumatic event or is abused his or her self-confidence weakens and can exponentially diminish without the necessary aid.  Children’s Smiles understands the intricate process of losing and regaining self-confidence and ensures that the children they sponsor receive resources necessary for him or her to become a well-rounded, loving, comforted and educated adult.

Tax ID: 80-0763641 •


Riding for Self Confidence - Motorcycle Poker Run

Riding for Self Confidence -…

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