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CROWDRISE : Dec 16, 2011
Tax ID: 27-2067006
BASED: Salt Lake Cty, UT, United States


Our Mission

Combat child sex trafficking.

Child Rescue is a 501(c) charity (EIN: 27-2067006) dedicated to combat child sex trafficking at home and around the world. 

We support undercover rescue missions, aftecare facilities, youth prevention campagins (, and law enforcement trainings. 

Currently we are workign to fund our US youth prevention campagin, help partners expand an aftercare orphange in Cusco, Peru and to help other partners with an undercover rescue mission elsewhere in Latin America.

In our short history, we've worked hard to expose various communities to the realities of the child sex industry in North America and more importantly, the hope in seeing a future where it is abolished. Several notable accomplishments/events include: 

- Out last undercover operation partnered with other NGOs for the rescue of 10 children and teh arrest fo 4 traffickers.

- An international training held in Salt Lake City, where we trained 285 FBI Agents,  police officers, and other professionals.

- A benefit festival in Salt Lake City where Child Rescue harnessed the power of art and entertainment to reach over 4,000 teenagers and attendees in one day – raising the level of awareness and prevention around the issue of the sexual exploitation of children by presenting speakers in between the 20 bands, including the Attorney General, Mayor, LAPD and an SEC survivor. Watch video footage from the event by clicking on the video to the left.


Child Rescue launched a youth campaign titled “Backyard Broadcast.” The goal is to empower youth to broadcast the message that the sexual exploitation of children is not just taking place far from our borders, but in our own backyards.

Backyard Broadcast is leveraging ideas and imagery from the underground resistance movements that played such an impactful role in World War II. Perpetrators of terrible crimes against children have been getting away with lenient punishments for far too long. A new strategy and mentality is needed to defeat the child sex trafficking industry – Backyard Broadcast is ready to lead the masses.

Your support is very much appreciated as we work to support the youth who are driving the abolishement of this cause. To donate to Child Rescue, please click the button at the top of the page. For further information about the Backyard Broadcast campaign, and to support individual stations and broadcasters, please click on the events section below and select the region you wish to donate to.


Thank you for your support!




Tax ID: 27-2067006 •


Child Rescue

Child Rescue

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Help Rescue A Child




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