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The CDF teaches economically challenged individuals about the proper utilization of the tool called credit in an effort to start businesses and purchase homes.

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The Childrey Deliverance Foundation, 501c3 Tax Exempt Education Organization formed six years ago in memory of (Johnny C. Childrey SR)to provide direct employment/career counseling,microenterprise entrepreneurial training & development,financial literacy and credit repair services to youth deemed at-risk,low-income adults and emerging entrepreneurs. We provide effective advocacy and compile/disseminate information useful to empowerment.Our mission is to mentor/counsel economically disadvantaged individuals in our community on the importance of education in relation to job placement and personal economics (credit). Our organization provides the most comprehensive employment enhancement and financial literacy/credit repair courses to bring our clients to self-sufficiency to purchase homes.  The Childrey Deliverance Foundation helps our clients reestablish their credit history through our credit enhancement program. Credit is a tool to be used properly! The key goal is not to destroy your credit from the beginning of starting your credit history, if a client happens to have been irresponsible with their credit. We can help our clients reestablish their credit history through our credit enhancement program to initiate debt reduction and savings development plans to achieve the major life-enhancing goals of Home Ownership.

Our goal is to affect lasting change in Detroit's low cost housing market and regain social and economic ground lost by the foreclosure crisis.

Project Uniqueness: Our counseling agency explains to the client/future homeowner up front his/her consumer rights concerning all matters of homeownership! If we don’t know the answer to a problem we will put in diligent research efforts towards finding a qualified expert to find a solution to the problem!

At the Childrey Deliverance Foundation, we’ve learned that it’s only through providing an answer to failed socio-economic conditions in our local community and beyond through the means of Education, Job Skills Training, Financial Literacy anchored and coupled in faith-based approach to Family Counseling and Adult Mentoring can we change a community in economic turmoil.

Our mission is clear; programs to increase affordable housing need to be created to stimulate population growth which would increase the city tax base and help alleviate Detroit’s budget crises.

- See more at: http://www.changemakers.com/node/95696/images#sthash.X1LS8Kqu.dpuf- See more at: http://www.changemakers.com/node/95696/images#sthash.X1LS8Kqu.dpuf