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Empowering refugee women and children in the Middle East, one toy at a time Tax ID 46-4660436


Wherever you may find yourself in the world, one thing most people can agree on is that sustainable jobs are essential for poverty reduction. In the West Bank, approximately one out of every six Palestinians are unemployed (World Bank, 2014).

Child's Cup Full works to create long-term job opportunities for refugee women by building upon skills they already have; such as sewing, and embroidery. We know that empowering women creates a ripple effect. At our artisan centers, we work with low-income women in particular, and we have created a social enterprise business model that is designed to empower refugee communities through job creation for women and grassroots education.

So what exactly do we do?

We are a non-profit social enterprise that operates in Zababdeh in the northern West Bank.

We train and employ refugee women to make handcrafted and eco-friendly educational children’s toys. We are currently building our second artisan center, where we will train refugee women artisans to make hand embroidered and leather-made products. 

Where does your money go when you donate? Excellent question.

Our funds go towards:

  • Paying the salaries of our women artisans
  • Maintaining & growing our artisan centers
  • Partnership development & marketing so we can get our products in stores around the world
  • Creating early childhood development programs in the northern West Bank


A Little More About Us

Since our small organization began in 2009, we have made huge strides with an extremely limited budget. We are effective and we are driven. If you are moved by our mission, help us grow!


Our aim  

  • To increase our impact throughout the West Bank, and to eventually expand our artisan centers to refugee communities throughout the Middle East.
  • We have 43 refugee women on our waiting list, who are eager to join our training program this summer. Our goal is to raise $100,000 by September 1st so that we can train all of these women, expand our artisan centers in Zababdeh and Al-Jalama, and to start building our first grassroots early childhood development program in Zababdeh.