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CHIME FOR CHANGE is a global campaign to raise funds and awareness for girls and women around the world. Join the movement and take action to promote Education, Health and Justice.

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The Story

CHIME FOR CHANGE is a campaign founded by Gucci to raise funds and awareness for girls and women globally. Since the campaign launched in 2013, CHIME FOR CHANGE has funded more than 400 projects for girls and women in 86 countries across 144 non-profit partners.


This CHIME for Education fundraising challenge is part of a 2014 Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action through the No Ceilings campaign, a project of the Clinton Foundation designed to coordinate support for girls’ secondary education globally.


60% of the children not in schools are girls, but studies show that investing in girls’ education raises GDP and employment. Providing opportunity for girls improves outcomes not just for them but also their families, communities and countries.


We want to see a world where every girl has the right to go to school.


Girls face different challenges related to education, depending on geography, culture and economic status. The CHIME for Education Team Captains have selected girls’ education projects that matter to them and will be offering amazing incentives throughout the campaign! Join a team now and spread the word!


Thank you for lending your voice and raising funds for our non-profit partner organizations that are making powerful and lasting change for girls around the world.

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CHIME for Female Leaders

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CHIME for Nepal

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CHIME for the Children

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