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The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii is participating in the 2013 Hapalua as the CCCH PALOLO HOME RUNNERS to promote fitness, good mental and physical health, and longevity within the Chamber, it's family members, and friends!  Through this great event, we will have the opportunity to raise funds to support the prosperity of the Palolo Chinese Home.  This partnership between the CCCH and the Palolo Chinese Home represents the importance  and duty of "Filial Piety" within the Chinese culture, to show respect, obedience, and care for our parents and elderly.
On a number of occasions in the past, the CCCH raised funds to help during disasters in China, support schools in China and locally, and assist indigent Chinese whom wanted to return to the homeland.  Recently, the Chamber has been involved in Chinese trade exhibitions, conducting management training programs, and working with the State of Hawaii in promoting investment missions to Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. It also hosts many business and governmental delegations coming from or going to China and frequently participates in conventions and seminars on Asian trade. The Narcissus Festival Pageant is also another event which the CCCH perpetuates the Chinese culture and stimulates business in Chinatown.
The CCCH will continue to support various educational, charitable and humanitarian causes in both China & Hawaii.  Please join us in this exciting event to kick off a healthy and successful 2013!