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To give homes to the lost and needy and educate the public

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The primary focus of our organization is education and parrot sanctuary. Our project “Get the Word Out” is targeted at educating the general public in the need to end the sale of captive exotic avians.

The Chloe Sanctuary, founded in 2008, is an environment where parrots and cockatoos are healed and given lifelong care, volunteers and caretakers are trained, and the public made aware of these exceptional creatures who belong in the wild and not as captive human companions suffering in cages. Using hands-on education and lectures and training seminars we share our knowledge of these wild animals and work to help the public to understand the severity of the problems associated with allowing captive exotic animals in private homes.

Our birds serve as educators and ambassadors when healed enough to be brought to our events, and their loud voices and demanding behavior make clear what words alone cannot. We explain how their constant screams, their powerful bites, or self-mutilation drove their owners to abandon them. These abnormal behavior all stem from improper handling by the untrained caretaker.

Don Scott, our founder and executive director, graduated with excellence from the LLA professional course in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2008, taught by Dr. Susan G. Friedman, Ph.D., who pioneered ABA with captive animals. Mr. Scott leads our online Avian Tutor program, our onsite workshops, and our video production team.

Dr Jeffrey Jenkins DVM, on our board of directors, is internationally recognized for his work in avian medicine and surgery, exotic and laboratory animal medicine and surgery. He has lectured nationally and internationally, his works appear in peer reviewed journals, texts and monographs. He holds Diplomate status in the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in Avian Practice. He is one of the first of twenty veterinarians to achieve this honor.

Dr. Lee Young, DVM, a clinical veterinarian with a degree in biomedical science, works closely with our captive collection.